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MG MG Y Type - Restoration Specialists

I am in the process of buying a roadworthy but well used Y. I don't have the time to restore the car myself. Can anyone recommend a garage who could do this for me? I am well aware that the cost of restoration will be greater than the value of the car when restored. Garage would preferably be in the SE. Work needed includes bodywork, interior and engine. Thanks!


If you perhaps identify yourself a little more then folk will be a lot more friendly. The Y community is a great place to meet some very nice friendly and helpful people. So please dont be shy - introduce yourself please, and I am sure tell us how we can get in touch with you. Alternately, you are welcome to email me personally and tell me some more about yourself and your location and I will forward your email onto our nearest MG Car Club Y Type Register Committee Member who will be able to help you.

As you will no doubt appreciate, for us to publish information such as you are asking for on a public bulletin service such as this, is fraught with legal problems - if the service you receive doesnt meet your expectations, or even another garage may say why them and not me etc. So an endorsement on here might not be forthcoming for many reasons.

That said, at, and on this BBS, and in the MG Car Club Y Type Register particularly, we want all Y owners to experience and enjoy their wonderful cars to the full. So we do want to help you. Help us to do that by emailing me at the above address - just replace the " at " with "@". Oh and yes, it is WEBMAST - not WEBMASTer.

Kind regards

Paul Barrow

Carmichael Sports Cars Ltd, Braishfield Hampshire.
Tel 01794367555.

Recommended, specialist in classic car restoration. Restored my YB and did excellent job.

I've seen many examples of Quentin Carmichael's work ranging from American classics, E Types, XK Jaguar series to the humble Citreon 2cv Dolly.

He ain't cheap but you get what you pay for and he is competitive priced.

Has nice workshop on farm with a fully operational spray booth and good security.

Best of luck!

Richard Knight


I have just picked up your note. Personal reccomendation is the way forward and there will probably be a few people who will be able to help.Anything which may be other than praise might be seen as unacceptable by most restoration organisers! The easy way is to contact individuals who may be able to provide you with more information off line. I for example can help on XPAG engine builders.

A few points which you no doubt are well aware of but possibly are useful are- to try and get somewhere local/or within an hours drive of where you live as it always handy to be able to drop in unexpectedly
- to get a known specialist to undertake the bodywork and use separate specialist for engine building etc.

The costs will vary but undoubtedly the major cost will be the bodywork and interior -you need to ask whether the firm have worked on Y's before.Engine builders are more readily available as the XPAG is a relatively simple engine.

I had my XPAG rebuilt on a TA and the cost was 3,500 and that was in March 2007 and it took 4 months for the wwork to be done.

Also give a realistic finish date as it could go on for ever and appreciate that most restoration forms expect an advance up front!

Hope this helps.

If you need to contact me then phone me on 01926 424053 or e-mail;


Jerry Birkbeck


Thanks for the comments and recommendations. Paul / Jerry, I will e mail you separately.
Marc H

I am using Brown & Gammons in Hertfordshire, they have an excellent record of good work.

Neil C.
Neil Cairns

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