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MG MG Y Type - rocker box

Hi lads I want to buy a polished alloy or a chrome rocker box for my ya. Does anybody know where I can purchase one from, I have try several firms. Also what other rocker box will fit, thanks for your help don.
dw walker

Might be cheaper to get the one you have chrome plated. It's worth visiting a local place that does this and see if they can do it as a one off for a reasonable amount..worth a try !


Polished Aluminum ones are available on this side of the pond, but I personally do not rate them any better than the factory one. Why the obsession with bling? If it is just to make the engine bay look good, I personally do not think they succeed any better than a clean nicely painted one. If you need some leads as to where to look for a polished aluminum one, post back here and I will get you a link.

Paul Barrow

hi Paul, I would like a polished rocker box because my engine bay has a rather drab appearance so I thought a chrome or polished alloy box would cheer the bay up a bit and take the eye off the flaws, but thanks for your input, I would like a link if that's o.k cheers Don.

dw walker

hi D.Mullen thanks for your input as well its an ption that's worth thinking about thanks don ns
dw walker

Here is one on your side of the pond.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

According to my brother Scott, these are "very old, from the late '40s & early '50s" and were made for the MG TD Arnolt.

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Paul Barrow

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