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MG MG Y Type - Sat Nav

I was recently driving my Y on a local run and needed to use the sat nav to find my way, I turned on the sat nav and the only way I could use it (as I had left the windscreen sucker at home),
was to open up the windscreen a little then slide the unit into the gap between the dash and screen then close the screen untill it trapped it.
Hay presto a firmly held sat nav and a working air con!

Any one got any other tips?
Stephen Randle

Cool idea and you didnt impede you vision through the screen either!

Which power outlet did you plug it into?

Paul Barrow

I used the internal battery as I cannot locate a power accessory socket on the Y.

Dam! I believe you have found the downside of my tip, might get lost if the trip takes longer than the battery can cover. Think I will need to take a map as a backup!
Stephen Randle

Stephen If you get done for speeding it will be no use pleading that the TomTom battery was running down. I had a similar problem in Montpellier this year after a faulty plug blew the car fuse, It was rush hour and the traffic was stationary. The satnav was our only hope of finding the camp site, however we were lucky this time.

I don't know, will getting lost be yet another fogotten tradition of the past.

If you do hook the satnav up to the car electrics be mindfull of the polarity!

B Mellem


If you sit on a road atlas ... does that make it a "back up SAT-NAV"?

Paul Barrow

Paul, <<If you sit on a road atlas ... does that make it a "back up SAT-NAV"?>>

Hmmm, in that case I'd rather call it a "back on Sat-Nav", if not then it is adviseable to use a thin atlas and roll it tightly? ;-)

Bryan, <<I don't know, will getting lost be yet another fogotten tradition of the past.>> This will be replaced by people who don't know where they are, without being lost.

We drove to the Y-Sommertreff solely on the TomTom, when the kind Germens asked me which route I took I couldn't tell them, because I didn't have a clue. That was such an unpleasant experience that I vowed never to travel without a map and only use the TomTom as a back-up.
Willem vd Veer

I use a Sat Nat in the YT whenever I am travelling around the country especially when driving/navigating alone in urban traffic.

It makes getting about in strange areas so much easier to keep up with the traffic without stopping to read maps.

Some passing traffic gets a laugh when they notice the Sat Nav above the dash.

I simply connected a power outlet socket direct to the battery and hide it up under the dash - it takes less than 5 minutes to remove for the concours.

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