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MG MG Y Type - Six vane fan

Living in a mountenuous country and not fancying the idea of fitting an elcectric fan, I fitted a third fan blade. Hope it works well. When time permits, I'll publish a "how to" in the technical center.
I want to use this opportunity to thank all of you, who answered the noumerous questions, I asked during the past year and also want to express my gratitude to the makers of this website.
I wish you all a relaxing festive season and lots of happy MG miles in 2017.

Anton Piller, Switzerland

Anton Piller

Very ingenious Anton. It may be a little heavy but I do like the idea.
Willem van der Veer

In this months ever improving Octagon Car Club magazine there is an article suggesting ways to improve cooling on T Types. One is to fit a 7 bladed MGB fan. Apparently a straight forward conversion that shifts considerably more air and is light weight.
Peter Vielvoye

I run the MGB 7 bladed plastic fan. Lighter, cools good. I think you would be happier with it, uses less hp for better cooling. Larry
Larry Brown

I also run the MGB 7 blades fan (out off a Morris Marina to be absolutely correct in my case), but I do like the idea of a more period look.

I ran the Y-type in hot weather over steep Swiss mountain passes with the original fan and all other MG's (A/B/C) ran hot. The secret was the newly recored radiator doing a fine job.

I fitted the MGB-fan because (in theory?) a better fan does have the advantage of moving more air when stationary to prevent vapour lock.

Willem van der Veer

Wilhelm hits the point: A period look and in combination with a re-cored radiator the YT is getting ready for all those beautiful Swiss passes. And as a bonus, hopefully no more vapour locks in modern stop and go traffic.
Anton Piller

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