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MG MG Y Type - Speedo Cable replacement on a YT

Yes very straightforwrd I know!
However,I have hit a problem.
The splined drive that fits into the gear box should be a snug fit.But there seems to be a restriction in my case. Looking down the securing brass shaft there appears to be an inner sleeve presumably this is slotted to accept the drive. Well thats what I assume when lying on my back and shining a torch into the shaft!
Easy I hear you all say just unscrew the two securing
threaded bolts. But here is the conundrum - I just cannot unscrew the little buggers, despite soaking them in WD40.So any bright ideas please guys!

Waiting in anticipation!


Hi Jerry,
These screws are usually steel, but
I have seen a few brass ones. They are normally difficult to remove & you need to give them a delicate smack with an impact driver to release the grip.

Too hard & you will screw the head off.

However, you should not have to remove these for a broken speedo cable. There is a slot in the side of the tube that engages the speedo cable fitting.
Maybe your original end is missing & someone has fitted a smaller replacement.

I can photograph all these bits in my spares if that helps, but it won't be for a few days.

All good fun,


PS - when fitting the new speedo cable, make sure to feed it between the brake master cylinder and the chassis - there is a gap there just for the job !.

Best place for replacement cables - speedometer, tachometer and brakes - Speedograph Richfield. See Links Page at too Jerry.

Paul Barrow

Thanks Tony

You are spot on on both counts!
A local workshop round the corner had engineered a screw driver for such occasions. So after 10 minutes hard work they both came undone.

I was sure that this should not have been necessary, as you quite rightly say. Though it did give me an opportunity to see how the arrangement worked.
I then was able to secure the drive head into the acceptance slot in a dry run and at least get the securing nut correctly alignment and carefully route the cable through to the speedo wirhout any akward kinks.

Now tested and working.Have to see how it performs this weekend on the Spring Run!

Thanks for your advice which is much appreciated.
Hope Queensland country is proving to be a good move and that the shed meets your expectations. Very much an Oz thing as I discovered when I was in the country a couple of months ago!

All the best

Thanks Paul
Yes I did use them and they list all 3 Ys!
All the best

I am only at the country house on Sunday's. Still moving the Y-Type spares stockpile.

Discovered another pile of parts I had forgotten today.

If nothing else this move will allow me to have a serious cull of parts.

The new garage/shed is still awaiting council approval - Grrrr !!.

Glad to hear your all sorted. I should have mentioned that you could fit a o-ring on the inner spindle to stop gearbox oil being pumped up to the speedo head.

Maybe next time your bored.



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