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MG MG Y Type - Steering column slip ring contacts

A couple of the contacts in the steering column slip rings have gone dead on my YA (the ones for the horn and the LH trafficator). I am pretty sure this is my problem, because I have put an ohm meter directly between the contacts in the steering wheel assembly and the ones on the outside of the steering column. Anyone ever pulled attempted to repair these before? If so, any advice? The shop manual (which I have) provides no detail on this assembly.
Ben Cardwell


If you give David Pelham a call on +44 1730 266362 and give him your credit card details he will post off a copy of the Y Data Sheet on Steering column electrics. This will have the answers you are after.

Good luck

Paul Barrow


Paul means David Hague rather than me.


David Pelham

That's what happens when you get senile, or too many David's doing so much for the Register!

Paul Barrow

The contacts are more of a slip ring arrangement. The Morris Minor used just one on its steering wheel for the horn contact, from 1947 to 1956. The Morris Minor Centre in Bath may be able to supply new contacts if needed, that MIGHT be adapted to repair a worn 'Y' unit. Failing that perhaps ground down ignition points may be suitable, but I think a bit too wide.

If anyone does fix a unit successfully, send me an article for the Safety Fast centre spread please.

Neil. ( Or am I David, or John....)
Neil Cairns

I have a faint recollection of facing this problem some 30 years or so ago on my YT. As I recall the point contact on the "outer" spring section had worn off and I "replaced" it with a blob of solder. System is still functional.


49 YT
Lawrence Hallanger

In the midst of restoring a YA and had the contacts which were worn down rebuilt with silver solder, this seems to work when the steering column was reassemble and tested.
Frank Russell

Anyone out there with an intact bakelite housing ??? My contacts are ok, but years ago a bent steering column caused a big crack. Neither Araldite nor Cyanolit could put it back together.
Remo Peter

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