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MG MG Y Type - Steering wheel wanted.

Folks, while Y3348 is being painted a rich dark green (Jaguar Racing Green JAG 701), my mind is turning to interior matters, and I remembered that my original steering wheel completely disintegrated while hanging in the (hot) shed for several years. My Bad.
I have the central horn push and switch gear (plus a spare), but am looking for a replacement steering wheel; I see the repros offered by NTG, who I respect, but they are in a horrible light fawn colour, nothing like the colour of my original.
Does anyone know of a good condition correct-spec. steering wheel for sale anywhere?
Also, should I look for an identical wheel under another name? - Morris, Wolseley or whatever?
All advice gratefully received. Regards, John.
J P Hall

I Had an identical steering wheel fitted in my YA from a Morris. It had a large M in the center. I tried fitting an MG centre boss but found it was slightly different and would not fit. I finished up spraying over the M with a matching brown and you couldn't tell the difference.
Best of luck with the Wheel search. For a guide I sold a reasonable one for about 100 a year or so ago.
Peter Vielvoye


A nice one (not perfect, but nice) came up on eBay today in the UK at

I have no connection with the seller nor interest in the sale of this item. I note the seller does not ship internationally however many times if you contact them they will open that up. Often it is because eBay requires a seller to put in shipping costs and it is too complicated for a seller to cover all possibilities.

Happy hunting.

Paul Barrow

Morris oxford MO series are identical in size but they are black [if my memory serves me correctly]...if I am right suggest you try the Morris MO club....if they do fit does it matter if its black...may be cheaper than the over priced one on eBay.

There is a thread on the TD/TF group on restoring and having the wheels restored.
I may be of interest.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

I have no connection with the seller nor interest in the sale of this item.

It is expensive ... but pretty good in my opinion.

Paul Barrow

Thank you, Paul B. - very nice. I'm guessing they will be reluctant to post it to Australia, but I'll ask the question. Regards, John.
J P Hall

It wont be cheap ... but who said restoring a Y Types was cheap?

Good luck and let me know off line if you run into problems. I have several options open to buying stuff using a UK address and we can then trans-ship it out to you!

Paul Barrow

Ha! - dead right, Paul - thank goodness for help on this and the other MGBBS communities.
J P Hall

Are you going for it John?
Paul Barrow

Sorry Paul - life got in the way for a couple of days. I'm exploring the option of having my original rim rebuilt in wood by a local artisan: the price is fair for the ebayitem, but in truth I don't need another centre switchgear, only the wheel/rim, so I might hold off and see if anything else comes up. I do appreciate your help in spotting ebay possibilities. Regards, John.
J P Hall

Seller has readvertized their steering wheel.

No knowledge of seller or financial interest in this sale.

Paul Barrow

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