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MG MG Y Type - Throttle Return Spring and fitting on a YT

Dear All

This query can no doubt be easily answered by a YT owner. I was fitting a heat shield but when I put the 10mm spacers in place Irealised that the air cleaner manifold elbow would foul the bonnet stay and the bonnet. As a result I went back to basics and refitted the original set up. All eventually went okay until I came to fit the return spring and the bracket. Inevitably my cack handed approach meant that both had gone AWOL. I have a return spring although its probably too long at about 65mm (cant measure it at present as Im a passenger on the A34!). So:

1 How long should the spring be?
2 Where is it fixed and how?
3 Where and to what is the bracket fitted?
Simple questions but I cant find any diagrams or photos!
Just one point the fitting on the saloon is onto a bracket that is incorporated into the elbow. Neither is it like the arrangement for either the TC or TD although perhaps it should be!
As Jo tells me the moral is'if it aint broke..!
Any help gratefully received and pics!
Thanks Jerry
Jerry Birkbeck


The Twin carb YT did not have a vertical return spring from manufacture like the single carb H2 on saloons. The springs on the throttle spindle should be sufficient to close the carbs, however should is where it goes wrong...

My twin carbs don't close with a vertical return Spring attached to the throttle spindle and the bar linkage of choke. This gives me some feel on accelerator (Throttle pedal) and closes carbs properly.

The Spring I use is the same Spring Burlen sell as the return spring for single carb on YA/YB.

R E Knight

Hi Jerry
I am a new YT Owner and my car was missing the accelerator bracket and return spring. I have been able to fabricate a bracket after looking at Tony Slattery's car (photo attached).

My understanding is that a spring fits between the bracket and end of the accelerator cable covering, however Tony uses a return spring set up similar to that on a TD. (see 2nd photo for both locations)

I would also like to know the length etc of original return spring.


Stuart Duncan

Didn't realize you were also replying.

Here is second photo mentioned above


Stuart Duncan

Many thanks Richard and Stuart

The return spring was secured to the accelerator bracket (clearly shown on your photos Stuart)by way of a small shaped disc. with one hole large enough to fit on the bracket shaft and the other taking the end of the spring. I can fabricate that.

However, what I cannot quite recall is the location of the lower fitting. I have ordered a couple of new return springs from an MG/Triumph specialist and designed to fit an HS2 carburettor. Interestingly these show several fitting points - those for a Spitfire use another small disc which fits onto one of the exhaust manifold securing bolt. Whilst another on a Morris Minor fits on to an exhaust pipe bracket!

So guys where is your return spring fitted to?
Jerry Birkbeck

Hi Jerry,
The bottom end of my return spring is hooked on the choke link between the twin carbs.

I use a return spring from a 1969 Mk3 MG Midget, as I have spares at hand.

I have tried many times to adjust the rotary return springs to close the throttles without success, so settled for the tension return spring. It also gives a good pedal tension under foot.


Tony Slattery

Dear All

Thanks for the feedback.Now sorted and so simple I must have been having serious brain fade! A 41mm x 7mm spring available in a box of springs from Halfords fitted between the throttle spindle and the securing bolt for the aluminium air filter housing.
What happened to logical thinking in my slow mind and what an utter waste of time!

Thanks especially to Tony for his contibution which provided the obvious link!
Off to Le Touquet on Monday for the MG EuroEvent of the Year fuel might be a challenge. Apparently six Ys going with 4 from the UK.

Jerry Birkbeck

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