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MG MG Y Type - Unidentified Y

This photo popped up on Facebook today. No idea when or where it was taken. The white front plate has numbers only so no clue to origin.

M C Bath

Hi Mick

What is the URL address please of the facebook posting?

The car to the rear looks like a 1950s Citroen with the V bumper and the car behind the tram maybe a small Renault? Any other guesses?

The licence plate on the MG Y is 756973 and looks like a 1950's style French plate to me but I am open to offers.

The scene is possibly more than likely French - the architecture is not untypical of the style of buildings at the top of the Champs Elycee/Parisian in my opinion.

Paul Barrow

I dont think the registration plate is French Paul that would be three numbers then letters and then the number of the Department so: 999 ML 75 would be Paris with silver letters on am black background. The other cars close to the Y look like Fiats not sure about the other in the background. Yes could be Paris architecture dont know. It looks like a r/h drive Y but is the plate maybe Swiss? All the best Jerry
Jerry Birkbeck

Paul Barrow

Apparently this photo was from a family collection by a guy called Bernard Vermeylen. Seems likely that the scene was in Belgium. Number plate would have been white with red letters. After the war, Belgium did not have any regional registration codes so numbers were issued fairly randomly.
M C Bath

That would stack up Mick - thank you. Bernard Vermeylen clearly likes automobiles!

Paul Barrow

That split screen looks like a Renault 402 with the head lights behind the rad grill and in the distance a Fiat Topolino, Is that a Renault bus, now that was the way to travel out on the rear deck. Oh those were happy days. Bryan
B Mellem

It was 1962 when I first drove in Paris driving my YA which I shall always remember, trying to navigate around the Arch de Triomphe in a mass of very fast and noisy traffic which seemed to be coming from all directions, my wife to be in the front and two lovely Parisian girls in the back, one shouting 'tout droit' 'tout droit' [go straight on] the other calling 'tournez a gauche' [turn left] and Jill trying desperately to translate, and a couple of busses with cheering passengers on the rear decks. Brilliant! Bryan
B Mellem

Negotiating The Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile roundabout is better than any of the thrill rides at Disney Paris.

R Taylor

Not absolutely sure, but to my mind, the cars etc. seem to be driving on the Left, so possibly Sweden?. I agree with Brian M on the identification of the cars. Re. Negotiating the Arc de Triumph, trying to find a route through Le Mans centreville during rush hour in a Y in 2015 must run it a close 2nd!

D P Jones

I think even in the 1950's they drove with head lights on in Sweden, it looks like its early spring, in my experience in France they then tended to drive on both sides of the road, the most alarming rule of the road was 'give way to the right' even if it was a farm track. Bryan
B Mellem

Looks very Gallic to me. The car near the Y is not a Renault but a Peugeot 202 and the one in the background looks like a Peugeot 402.
The Fiat Topolino is probably the Simca 5, which is a Topolino built in licence by Simca.
Willem van der Veer

You are correct Willem its a Peugeot 402 I was thinking about the bus. I remember the car in my book picturing the worlds most advanced cars, on another page a Tatra. That was in the 1940's. Bryan

B Mellem

The year the 402 was introduced the Spitfire first flew, the first public broadcast of electronic television, a King abdicated and I was born. Unlike these great events I don't even get a mention in history books! Bryan
B Mellem

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