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MG MG Y Type - Warming Up

Questions to the forum!

1. Do owners in cold weather when too icy/salt on roads warm their engine up to running temperature every week/once month or longer?

2. If it is cold but not too icy/salty to take on road etc, do you let the car idle until running temperature or do you start up and drive in order to warm up engine quicker whilst on move and to use the choke for the least time possible?

I like to use my cars as much as possible but wish to avoid salt/ice but equally don't like to not warm up engine every month at minimum.

Be interested to hear your thoughts as like all things I've spoken to two different "experts" with opposing views.
R E Knight

Why should you want to warm up your engine once a month? Rather useless, I'd say. And when going on a drive, always follow point 2, second part (warming up by idling is ineffective, a nuisance to others and, in Switzerland, illegal).
Remo Peter

This is similar to my thread from June 2012 ,Keeping it Right .
Hawkflyer replied that the best way to keep cars roadworthy is to drive them regularly and I agree entirely .
However, at this time of year in the South Sperrins ,N. Ireland and with a three metre wide road and plenty of agriculture muck on it ,I do'nt feel inclined to take car out.
I keep battery charged but do not start car during the cold winter months .
E Winters


Cheers for thoughts.

Looked back at archive as you suggest and see what you mean. Problem is most things have probably come up before but findingold article isn't always easy if goes away from thread title.
R E Knight

It is very bad to warm the engine stationary. The engine will warm up so much quicker when driving, even when using the choke.

Remember that the enggine oil is only warmed after 15 miles of driving. Just getting the coolant warm every month isn't enough to expel moisture from the engine.
Willem vd Veer

Road salt can also be hosed off after a road run guys so do not be put off taking your car out for a run in the Off-Season.

By way of encouragement, we are now past mid-winter's day so the days are getting longer (you have noticed that haven't you??) since the world did not come to a Mayan full stop on December 21.

Enjoy your Y safely


PS over here in Washington they do not use Road Salt ... just de-icer.
Paul Barrow

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