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MG MG Y Type - watewr temp gauge

Is the connection to a water temp add on gauge at the motor any particular thread? Or, should I go to an MG parts source because it is a special thread? It is on my ty(a)thanks for the help...M
marvin soroken

Temp gauges were not standard on the Y so yours is an 'after market' fitting. Accordingly it would be difficult for anyone to say reliably what thread pitch you have. Any good engineer will have thread gauges though and be able to measure the pitch and tell you what you have.


Paul Barrow

Hey Paul..You are right on...The Y didn't have a temp gauge and someone put one on the under dash..I have a TF motor but if that doesn't tell the threads being a TF motor than I do have a friend who can measure the threads..I thank you for your help..Marvin in California...
marvin soroken

Usually on T's the probe for the water temp gauge goes into a fitting on the header of the radiator. The gauge did not come with the TC but the fitting was there for an after market gauge. TDs, at least the later ones, had a combination oil pressure and water temp gauge and used the rad fitting. On the Y the rad did not have the fitting and no gauge was fitted. Not sure about where the probe was fitted on a TF.I would think that the radiator on the Y is somewhat bigger than on the TC/D and thus the original guess was that a Y would not need a gauge as it could not overheat. Terry
Terry O'Brien

I traced the gauge cable and it goes to the bottom of the radiator on my TA...Something must be wrong because it is connected on both ends but the dial doesn't budge..Is it possible it is running that cool?...I would love to know the thread to replace the whole thing dial and all..Thanks...M
marvin soroken

Most likely the sender.

Bear in mind the BOTTOM of the radiator is the coolest part of the radiator. Temp senders are better placed just before the thermostat in the tank feeder neck, or in the header tank of the radiator. The sender needs to be in contact with the water though - they dont read hot air flowing through the radiator, so if there is no water ...

If your sender is in the bottom of the radiator it sounds like a B of a job to get to Marvin. You really need to take it out, attach it to an ohm meter and submerse the sender (not the leads) into a pan of boiling water to test it.

Be careful on re-assembly not to cross-thread it.

Paul Barrow

Thanks Paul...What I meant be bottom was not absolute botton...It goes in to the radiator bottom part pointing to the motor..Screws out in the direction of the motor and is easily assesable..I don't mind putting a whole new unit in if that would fix it...Looks like an easy job but maybe it just runs that cool..I don't remember if it ever worked but thought it did...M
marvin soroken

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