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MG MG Y Type - Weight of Y body


Please can somebody tell me the weight of the pure Y body (without doors and wings)?
I want to lift it off the chassis and need to know how many man I have to invite.

Thanks and regards
Walter Prechsl

Hello Walter,
It's not the weight that is the problem, it's getting a hand grip on the body. But to answer your question and to be safe I would suggest 4 - 6 sturdy men should be more than enough.

However, you can lift the body with a chain block (you may know it as an endless chain ?) - you need a spreader bar with pickup points to match the top door hinges - a straight piece of small chain down to the hinges provides a high & stable lifting point.

I have seen a 75mm pine log used as a spreader bar, and the bare body shell is less than 200kg in my estimation. One man can with careful effort, can roll a body on it's side & back - but that's a bit different to picking it up and moving the load.

I usually lift the body up & roll the chassis out from under. Trying to lift off the body, while stepping over the chassis, is fraught with risk to shins and feet !.

Good Luck & don't forget to have someone take a video of the exercise - you could be a star on Y-Type YouTube !.



Walter, I think we moved YB0944 with four adults. One in front, one in back, and one on each side to make sure the body did not flex. We then sat it on a trailer so we could move it around for bead blasting, etc. I felt the doors on, as a further deterrent to body flex. Hope all goes well with you. Larry
Larry Brown

Hellos Walter
We lifted it off with four of us. Used 2 2"x 4"wood beams under the roof and lifted. I had welded in a frame prior to this as the rocker panels had to be cut and replace.
F.G. Russell

Last month: four Aussies, all 0ver 60, all sober as judges; as Tony says, gripping points is the issue, not the actual weight. We ended up with 2 up front and 2 at the rear. I had made up a wooden "dolly" about 950mm high, for ease of stripping and painting; then we'll reverse the procedure to put the painted body (sans doors, wings, bonnet etc.) back on to the chassis. Regards, John.
J P Hall

Hi John, Making good progress then !.

Can I give you another tip - before you put the painted body back on the chassis, fit the hoodlining, sunroof, rear windows & trim.

Once the body is back on the chassis, it's hard to work on the interior, even without the floor panels.

Doing it before chassis fitting will save your knees, shins and back from a world of pain. Standing up is so much easier when doing these jobs - trust me !.

Only 11 months to finish it now !.


Gawd, Tony - no pressure then!
Sorry Walter - I just wanted to let you know of our experience in easily lifting the body with 4 people, the same as Larry. John.
J P Hall

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