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MG MG Y Type - wheel brace

Wow, what price!
R E Knight

Wow! Tempted into breaking up my original tool set and selling it piece by piece. Ouch! my wife just hit me over the back of the head. Sorry dear I was just joking. (note to self. Do not think out loud)

T J Ciantar

Tempted to say 'Wow - what an idiot'... to think that anyone would be daft enough to even consider such a price...surely not!

A three way bidding duel, vendors dream!
Adding the toolkit image was very smart thinking.

M Magilton

Well blow me down with a feather...205 !
I have bought cars for less than that ...whoever is prepared to pay that sort of money for a wheel brace (original or not)wants either locking up or needs to give more to charity!
I cant see St Peter asking if your Y type has one as an entry requirement...


I am not against freedom of speech in what I am about to say, but I really do think perhaps we need to be a little more cautious in expressing what may be a valid opinion in your minds about our fellow owner's spending habits. As I have pointed out before, a fair price for anything is what someone is prepared to pay and what someone else is prepared to part with something for. The item and the amount are totally the concern of those two parties. If someone got a bargain, well and good and more fool the next person for missing out on it. If the opposite is true in your opinion then please respect someone else right to buy what they want at the price they want. Remember these people who buy stuff are your fellow MG Y owners and are also visitors to this site.

Were I the buyer of this item I would think "well what a friendly bunch they are" and would think twice before sharing my car and its details with them. As my mother used to tell me as a child often "If you don't have something nice to say about or to someone, don't say it." Telling someone who you can't see, or telling everyone that whoever bought something they are an idiot, really isn't very nice if you were to be on the receiving end of it. Please respect others with what you say on this Board as it does reflect on Mike Plumstead's service to a degree and also on the International MG Y Type Register too.

Thank you for your consideration,

Paul Barrow

H'mm fair point Paul and apologies if I upset anyone...

Thanks David. Nothing personal, just trying to keep it professional on the BBS. I appreciate your comment and it takes a big man to say what you did. Appreciated.

Paul Barrow


Agree with your comments, what someone is prepared to pay depends on how bad they want it. I fell just short and was bidder on this item, more fool me some will say, but this stuff is getting harder to come by and although lost out on this occasion, there will be more hopefully if bide my time.

Moving slightly away from the thread I started, I see there is YB for 18k,

Again shows prices are holding well for Classics and vindicates my recent YT purchase.
Seems there are more and more Y types coming onto the market, and slowly the ownership is changing.

I have no connection with the sellers of either items and normal disclaimer....just sharing info with others who may be interested.
R E Knight

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