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MG MG Y Type - Where are all the Y types?

Sitting here, browsing through the bulletin board with a glass of last years elderflower, I have a few thoughts on some of the the threads.

I've just returned from a very sucessuful event with the Pembrokeshire Classic Car Club, best saloon!, reserve champion! very unexpected as my car is at best, average, but in a lot of peoples opinion (mine included!) very pretty. It was partially restored by me back in the 80's/90's and then put into hibernation in 2000 and woken up in 2010. Since then, much work and many events later I haven't seen another Y, although there are some rumoured around me here in Pembrokeshire.

In the past few months, I have been on several MG oriented events including the Wings Run winning the best Y cup (only Y there!) so in good company with Neil Cairns, Jack Murray and other well known aficionados, Pendine Dash and a couple of other MGOC events. In fact, I've not seen another Y since 1997, the inaugural event of the "Birth of the Y run"

No MGOCC events in the area!!

Not being a political animal, I don't care who's got the best website etc. I am motivated toward the organisation that I can be of greater benefit to and who can help me the most.

I joined the Octagon Car Club in 1972 when I bought Y4002, as "good ole 'arry" supported Y types, rather than the MGCC members that I knew who were looking for spares. (The MGOC didn't exist then) The spares service from MGOCC is second to none, the only part I not been able to source is the Jackall flexible pipe. So, I've remained loyal to the Octagon Car Club mainly 'cos I'm lazy.

I use all the websites to my advantage, 'cos that's what they're there for, getting as much info, support and assistance as is available, and giving my tuppenceworth if needed.

Our Y has been part of the family since 1972, taking part in the MGOCC Loire valley runs, even racing at Le Mans (the only Y ever to do so??) it will never be sold by us so it's intrinsic value is the smiles per miles it returns. So as an investment, it has been a magnificent return in happiness and will continue to do so for a long, long time to come. Though, some of the longer runs will have to be curtailed as fuel prices increase and we are now into retirement. I would love to go on the Y type spring or autumn runs, but the journey to the start is a significant consideration.

We really love our Y and use it as often as possible, as we live about 4 miles from the nearest shop it often used to get a bottle of milk etc.

Just recently we went to an event in Aberaeron west Wales and Hazel recorded part of our trip on video and posted them on You Tube:

Perhaps somebody would like to comment?

The roof was fully open, the windscreen was partially open to allow for the camera to perch on the windscreen rail.

Great apologies for the length of this missive should it it offend any one.

Best Regards and happy MotorinG

D P Jones


In one word "Superb" left the BMW 3 series estate behind in second clip.
Have you an uprated engine?
Recommend the Spring Run, Jerry does superb job organising the format and runs, well worthy of a try. I suggest the EEOY 2013 in Highlands, lets hope this will be an event for over 50 Y's if an owner from Oz can make it so should all Y Type based Y Owners health/time and finances permitting. Time is running out for the target of 50 Ys at any one single event. Each years Spring Run report on imgyr makes reference to hope to achieve this goal for the next years spring Run and as yet to my knowledge it has yet to be achieved?

One day...maybe one day in one field it may be achieved.

R E Knight

Hi David

A couple of fascinating clips - well done!
I don't know what it is with Y Type owners and events.
Over the years I have been to many in both Y's and a TA - and of course there is always a great interest in Y's because of their relative rarety and everything else that attracts people to the model. In an event with say 50 pre-55 MG's the majority are T Types and then sundry other examples of the marque but as I have mentioned only the occasional Y.

I had thought about attending the Wings Run in the YT. However, because of other committments it became just too late to attend.Anyhow well done you and the YA of course.

On some organised events such as Brooklands there is normally between 5-6 Y's present, Andrew and Arlene Coulson's annual event at Ripon attracted 10+ Y's and both Peter Sharps Autumn Run and the Spring Run attract up to 30+ on a good day. Our venture north to the Peak District, which was a great location and hotel drew only 22 Y's which was disappointing.

We are currently reviewing locations for 2012 and may consider Dorset, Forest of Dean and Pembrokeshire as possible locations. We tend to get a hardcore of around 20 Y's who are the lifeblood of such an event and I find it difficult to understand why some owners appear to be reluctant to bring out their Y's.It does happen of course that other events with either a national or regional emphasis occur over the same day/weekend as a planned event but that's just luck.

It does though seem strange to think that that in England and Wales there are more than 200 Y's on the road and as you say 'where are they?'.

Over the 14 years that I have been involved in organising the Spring Runs - I have promoted the event not only on the various websites, but also through articles in Safety Fast,the Bulletin, Enjoying MG, MG Enthusiast, Classic Cars, Classic and Sports Car etc, also every owner who is on Jack Murray's 'Get you Home Service' which is sent out to interested Y Owners in the UK includes an Entry Form for the year's Spring Run. I am also well aware that Peter Sharp is suffering from a lack of entries to the Autumn Run.

I guess that it's trying to find out what owners want.Some may choose to potter down to a local village show or event, whilst others are prepared to travel to catch up with fellow owners at National Events - Wings Run, Regency Run, Ripon Old Cars and so on.

Of course fuel costs are a very significant factor. However,if petrol is around 1.35-1.40 a litre then to fill a tank to cover a 100 mile range this works out to around 4 gallons and that's going to work out to about 25. Nonetheless, since we get free road tax at present and relatively cheap insurance(and my insurance cover with unlimited mileage, European Cover etc for my YT and MGA is 310 through Footman James which is excellent) then maybe budgeting 300 a year for fuel should give you around 48 gallons annually or nearly 1000 milss. This is of course a very personal item.

No I think David it's just going to be local events to reduce outgoings etc. However, if anyone is attending such an event in their area perhaps they could raise aareness through this Bulletin Board and so encourage others to attend. National Promotions - like the Wings Run - may of course become more difficult to arrange in the future.

Attached is a pic (unfortunately I couldn't upload it as it was too large )of my YT at Classic Car Event held in Warwick Market Place last Sunday. Entry was free, the setting was different and the highly informal nature was very good and 100+ cars were crammed into the area. The YT was the only MG save for three MGB's - thoroughly enjoyable and a great way of meeting new people, and non Y owners. I shall certainly go next year.

I don't know whether this ramble adds to or helps to answer your query. Though hoefully its tired me out writing it so I can go back to bed and try and get some sleep!

All the best



Many thanks for posting the videos - they are great. My I host them on the Ys on Film and other media Page?

Jerry, send me your picture and I will reduce it for you, no problem.

As to the answer about Y Owner reticence - all I can say is Guys get out there while you can. Gas isnt going to come down any and there are no pockets in shrouds as my Mother used to say. There may well come a time when the tree huggers will want everyone driving a car that runs on electricity and is less than 3 years old - to heck with the fact that the manufacture of those batteries put more pollutants into the atmosphere than they would ever save from carbon fuels ... but we are straying from the point.

Enjoyment is the key.

Get out there and enjoy your Y with others - the UK is small enough to do that unlike this country - so hopefully one day we will see 50 Ys on a Spring Run ... maybe.

Paul Barrow

Hello everyone,
Many thanks for your kind and positive comments.

In response, Paul, I would be delighted to see the clips in Y's on film, thank you for even considering them of a suitable quality.

The engine has been only slightly modified, I had it bored and sleeved back to standard in 2010 following the house being flooded which caused water damage to two of the bores (and also the differential) at the time I fitted a "fast road cam" from the Octagon, other than a modified oil filter, the engine, to the best of my knowledge, remains as it left Abingdon, single SU etc.

The BMW was only travelling at about 45 - 50 at the time.

Jerry, your comments about the spring run are very valid I would love to attend next year, but distance to the start is an important consideration, over the Wings run weekend we covered nearly 500 miles but combined the trip with a visit to relatives near to the Chaddesley Corbett start. So I would councel you to consider a more convenient location for the majority of owners, I would love for the run to be around Pembrokeshire, (chances are it would be just you and me!) because regardless of whichever way you come, Pembrokeshire is over 100 miles from the English border, so, Forest of Dean would be my choice or Shropshire/Elan Valley.
I know from letters etc. in the MGOCC bulletin that these runs are exceptionally well organised and well worth attending.

If any one is interested, We will be at the Malpas Steam Weekend (near Chester) 10 - 11 September, again, a short late summer break with relatives, so come and see us (preferably in a Y)

My mumblings about distance to events are knocked into insignificance by the guy from Oz preparing to bring his YT to GB!!

Again, many thanks to all who responded so positively.

Best Regards
D P Jones

When attending (MG)meetings in the Y, I sometimes hear T-Type owners saying that they also own an Y-type.

If I owned both, I'd still keep and cherish the Y but I think the T-type would get more mileage!
Willem vd Veer

In my recent experience, it is not just Y Type owners that keep their cars hidden away. I have a YB and also a 1934 Lanchester LA10, which has today got a new MOT after being on axle stands undergoing some sympathetic improvements since May 2010.

Although I attend a couple of shows each year, it is not my favourite pastime. My wife gets bored and I get hassled!. I prefer to drive the cars for the pleasure of it and greeting other classic car drivers along the road. This weekend, it was sunny here on both days, so the YB got two trips out, with tea stops for me, my wife and daughter.

Despite both trips being around 25 miles in total, I did not pass another classic on either day, although there was an unattended 1934ish Austin 10 parked nearby when I returned to the car on Sunday. However, at both stopping places, I was accosted by interested people wanting to know about the car and thanking me for using it where it could be seen. It also turns heads as I drive it along the road.

So where are all of the other Y Type and other classic cars? Maybe the cost of fuel is a consideration. To me it is a shame that we do not see more old cars on the road, especially on sunny weekends in August.

M Long

An idle thought occurs on the cost of fuel - it is the same whether you put it in a modern plastic trash can or an MG Y! Sure you may get more MPG (possibly not though) from your modern thing, but will you get ... and give ... as much joy as if you drive your classic? I know that I dont so I like the idea of running it on normal every day runs and not just special times.

They are great cars and they do not improve if you just let them sit in the garage! All of my cars are available to me every day and I ought to use them more often!

Thank you everyone for the reminder!

Paul Barrow

Paul Don't worry about lack of fuel in the future. In the war years I remember cars carrying a huge gas bag on the roof rack which they filled from a domestic gas tap. Buses towed a coke fired gas producer carried on a trailer, this resembled a kind of smoking dustbin and it was the bus conductors job to jump out and riddle the fire at each bus stop. I'm not sure if the time table was adjusted to accomodate this extra duty.
B Mellem

Superb vids David, I do like the way that all Ys sound the same; clatter, whine and burble. I also like the way that people in the street look at the car and grin, it happens every time I take mine out too; how many other cars create as many smiles per mile?
I would love to see more Ys on the road, I'm not too keen on Car Shows either, they are fine to visit but to sit around all day is, well it's boring. It is better to use them for ordinary trips to the shops and suchlike at the weekends.
As for Pembrokeshire; it would be you, Jerry and me. We have good friends there, we met there and it is one of the most beautiful counties in the UK. When I was a child and we went on summer holidays to West Wales or Devon or Cornwall in our Morris 12 Coupe, we broke our journey overnight in Frome ('It's too far to travel in one day'). Maybe we'll do the same for a Pembrokeshire Spring Run.
P S Sharp

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