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MG MG Y Type - wiring delema

Dear all, I a trying to procure a wiring diagram for a 1950 MG YT with the horn push and signal lamp switch in the hub ring. Nothing seems to fit but this site says W76361 could be it. Does anyone know where to locate one? Thanks, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Dear all, some clarification, (it was very late when I started this thread). My YT has the wiring for trafficaters including the 4 wire slip ring on the steering wheel/column. It also has the "TD" type dashboard.

Does anyone have a diagram for this hybrid or know where to find one?

By way of explanation, I am replacing the wiring harness due to the coil somehow slipping down through the clamp and grounding the while wire, causing it to overheat and destroy the harness.

Before I can get a replacement harness, I need to supply a diagram that is correct. Any help or leads is appreciated. Thanks, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Not sure if any help?

Thank you Mr. Mullen. I will call them first thing Monday and see if they can help. Tom
Thomas McNamara

Paul has numerous wiring diagrams listed and available on the IMGYR website at Diagrams.

Paul is currently rebuilding the clockwork mechanism in my steering wheel hub trafficator.

If your car is a LHD export to USA, then you will have a different wiring harness to a Home (UK) YT.


Stuart Duncan

Hey Stuart, thank but I have been through those. My car is a 1950 YT EXR, right hand drive. No back up light switch, no signal relays and originally wired for traffickers, but had no signal light circuit and single filament running lights. Tom
Thomas McNamara

Tom, same as my YT (4310), however a previous owner installed a new wiring harness (with non standard coloured wires) which had not been completely fitted when I bought car.
My harness has wiring for reverse light and front and rear indicators. My gearbox (and I think all) have a reverse light switch. My steering wheel hub has the trafficator switch and the slip ring.
I have used the Home & export wiring diagram # W76340.
I fitted dual filament running lights and fitted additional rear indicator lights with LEDs.
Stuart Duncan


Your wiring arrangement is not standard so when you talk with Autosparks (I have had many successful dealings with them on wiring harnesses) you will need to tell them what you want modified from standard.

The options on the IMGYTR site are all the standard wiring options for all models.

Paul Barrow

Tom & Paul
As I was being pushed to go out with family, I didn't get to finish my post.
I was going to say that I currently have a indicator stem installed and will be fitting additional wiring when the rebuilt trafficator assembly arrives from Paul.
Stuart Duncan

The wiring diagram for your car is W76340, however if you want to run indicators off the steering wheel centre you will need to request them as extras. Only limited export YT's were fitted with indicators and no wiring diagram exists.

Most wiring suppliers DO NOT include the dash loom and steering column loom in a standard loom - make sure you check this too when you order if you need them.

You say your car has a TD dash layout - most unusual as the YT was similar to TC, not TD.

All Y's had a back up light switch as far as I know - it will be there, just not connected. Most owners don't understand that it only works when the sidelights are switched on.

Good Luck


Tony's point is correct - All Y/YT/YB have the switch but as most cars now havw dual red lights at the rear unless this is specifically hooked up to a new lamp at the rear it is probably not connected at the rear.

A STANDARD Autosparks Y or YB main loom does come with the dash loom - the Y/T looms do not come with dash looms unless you specify.

If you require your RHD Y/T loom to have additional wiring for turn signals, tell them
a) where you want the wires to connect to the lights, (with the side lamps/1130 is the most common place and least obtrusive, however you can have supplementary fittings if you like) at the front.
b) where you want them to come out of the loom at the rear, and
c)where you want the additional relays to be mounted.

Also ask for the separate loom for inside of the Spare Wheel Compartment too when you order as this too is (or at least when I have ordered in the past) was not a part of the basic main loom.

Autosparks are fantastic people to work with and the quality of their cotton braided looms are well worth any exchange rate penalty or additional shipping you can encounter as an importer. Their After Sales Support crew are also phenomenal and that is why they are listed as a preferred vendor on our Links page Tom!! I hope you enjoy working with them and remember to tell them you were recommended to them by the International MG Y Type Register at please.

Thank you

Paul Barrow

Hey all, thought I would "close" this thread with the following. Apparently, YT 4732, is one of those cars for which a wiring diagram was never created. HOWEVER, there exists a Lucas diagram, W76361, which is fairly close. The exception is the signal light circuit and relays. (BTW, this diagram, at this writing, is not on the "Y" website

I have chosen to procure the new harness to match this diagram and will wire the car accordingly. This should make things easier for any future care takers. The result will be a little safer vehicle to drive and enjoy with the addition of turn signals.

Many thanks to all who responded to my question(s). Be well, do good things. Tom
Thomas McNamara

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