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MG MG Y Type - Wrong distributor?

I just had to take out my distributor the first time since I had the car (YB 0561). What I found was a model number that does not correspond with the type indicated in "Let there be Y's" for my engine. Mine is stamped D2A40402U, while the bible says it should be D2A.4, type DA44. Now I wonder if this is of any significance (e.g. advance curve). Also, there is a number 67 stamped into it: is this the year of manufacture? enlightenment will be much appreciated.
Remo Peter

Now I can't even type correctly the numbers I've read! D2A.4,DA43 it should have been, not...DA44. From the TD/TF BBS I got the information that my existing distributor must have come from a Ford Perfect/Anglia! There came also a link to an extensive list of Lucas distributors. There I could see data for ignition advance timing: no advance before 300 rpm, 1 deg. at 700 rpm, 3 deg. at 1100 rpm, 7 deg. at 2500 rpm. I think this is very little overall. The type used in MG TDs was also listed, but without these data. So I cannot compare, but I would have thought that the XPAG would do with greater timing advance than this (surely more adapted to the Ford sv engine). But how much, and how about "tuning" a distributor?
Remo Peter

Hi Remo

I think you can still get a new distributor from Brown & Gammons - do not ask for a one for a YT but rather ask for the correct Lucas model number which should be DKY4A DA37 with a set of points and a condenser.

Keep the other as a spare.

My info is from a) the book of words - page 74 and the Lucas original equipment sheet for the YT.

Good luck and I am glad you were able to find out about your current distributor, I was begining to get worried that no one had replied to you!


Paul Barrow


In the lunchbreak I looked at the TD/TF BBS and found the fascinating Lucas-distributor list on

Maybe you should look at the curves of the Wolseley 4/44; the 40355A that is complete. As far as I know it has (about) the same XPAG-engine (called XPAW in a Wolseley) as the Y.

Neil, can you confirm the "sameness" of the distributors?


Willem van der Veer


The samenes is fully covered in the downloadable engine history file available from the side of the News page.
Paul Barrow

Willem, thank you. You referred me to the same list I had consulted, but overlooked the Wolseley 4/44. Really I must get someone with a strobe to check with the engine running. I just can't believe I have indeed the Ford setup inside: the engine rather likes being revved, which I would expect to be different with the little pre-ignition of the Ford type. Perhaps not only my car and engine are a complete mixup, but the distributor itself, too. Someone might have put an MG-suitable spindle assembly into the Ford housing. At least now I know why our American friends keep calling the offending object a "dizzy" - really makes your head spin!
Remo Peter

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