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MG MG Y Type - XPAG engine in a Y colour

Hi guys

I currently rebuilding the YTs engine and need to paint it, but which "red" colour?

On the IMGYTR website, the engine colour is listed as "Red". Is this the same colour as the MGA/B engine or the Maroon which is believed the XPAG engines in the TD were? The consensus of TD-TF BBS threads is the engine colour was more maroon that the MGB engine red.

The XPAW engine I have in my TD chassis I painted (some years ago) a Maroon Red which I think was a Moss paint, but want to know if the Y engines were the same or different.

Although there has been a lot of threads and discussion concerning the engine colour on the TD-TF BBS, very little discussion on the MG Y BBS.

Dave Lauwrence in LTBYs just states "... replaced by the more well known dark red ..."

Moss lists different items for TD/TF (MG Red) and MGA/early MGB (MG Dark Red). NTG has same colour for all engines. Abingdon Spares has different colours for XPAG/XPEG and MGB engines.

cheers Stuart
Stuart Duncan 1950 YT

When I found my YA it had been asleep since 1959 so I suspect the engine has never been anywhere near a paintbrush,doesn't look like it has-- It looks like this, not much paint on it but red not maroon

I think the TD/TF maroon is a darker/dirtier colour than the MGB maroon

but this engine is red - well the remaining red bits anyway

Hope this helps somehow

William Revit

Hi Stuart,
I painted my engine Ža darker redŽ, but I have no idea if it is the correct colour.

You can compare it to the standard red of the engine hoist.

Willem van der Veer

This is the maroon colour I mentioned previously (on a 4/44 XPAW sump, prior to swapping it for a TD sump so the engine fitted in the TD chassis). Photo taken with overcast sky (it has just rained).

Willem, your engine red is darker than William's. Both different to my maroon.

Photos of other engines would be appreciated to compare colours.


Stuart Duncan 1950 YT

#2---------I'm fairly confident it hasn't been painted-------lol

William Revit

Your colour looks very similar to what I decided on for my new engine

William Revit

Hi Stuart,
If you go to your local SuperCheap Auto that mixes paint into aerosol cans and quote paint code 141830 you will get a can of what I believe to be original Y-Type Engine colour.

Very few if any of the pigments that were around in 1947-52 still exist today, so you can only get paint in modern pigments to create paint that is a close approximation to what was available in period.

Unrestored engine parts can only be a guide - heat and UV exposure over 70 years can change the colour from what was sprayed in the Morris Engine Plant.



PS - For anyone reading this post in the future, I cannot guarantee that pigments to produce this colour will still be available.

I had Supercheap make up a pressure can of the paint.
They call it Mexican Red:
E20 Light Red Oxide (44.6),
E22 Magenta (26.6),
E25 Red Maroon (6.1),
E31 White (0.7)

Attached photo shows the Supercheap mix against a Ford Red which someone on the TD-TF BBS suggest. I checked the big hardware store, but although they stocked Rustoleum cans in 3 different reds, also not the Burgandy colour.

Supercheap Mix is a lot redder than in the photo (using camera in shade). Next post is using photo in sunlight.


Stuart Duncan

photo taken by phone in direct sunlight. Colours are washed out, to me they appear darker.

Tomorrow I will check it against the red already on the block and determine which colour I prefer.

Stuart Duncan

In the UK, and perhaps elsewhere, I just use humbrol enamel numbers 19 and 20 for the darker and lighter reds respectively. At least I think that is the correct way round.
Ian Thomson
ian thomson

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