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MG MG Y Type - Y type black hole. Help!

I Recently removed carpet over transition tunnel to check gearbox oil level. Pleased to say all ok.
However, left carpet off 2 days just to tidy seat runners etc. However, when I put carpet back in place, the gear knob has mysteriously disappeared.
I was sure I had simply placed it on the floor footwell, I have checked pockets of overalls and anorak, and been on hands and knees all around garage, even checking driveway and gutters outside garage.
I have also looked into rubbish bin etc. but the Alzheimer's must have kicked in or a Black Hole has developed in my garage.

If anyone has an original gear knob please let me know what you would require for it.
You are welcome to smile with amusement at a well known and often experienced phenomenon for many hobbyist enthusiasts, but please don't laugh too loud.
You are all welcome to visit to look into the Black Hole at a party on Feb 29th 2018.

RA Barham-Hall

That same Black Hole has been in my garage too. After a two hour search, I gave up and sourced another gear knob from the spares bin.

Two weekends later I took the car for a drive and happened to open the glove box to store my sunglasses and there was the gear knob.

Did you check the glove box Bob ?.

Don't be too hard on yourself, it happens a lot to everyone !.



Thanks for your understanding and comforting remarks and suggestion, but yes, I did check the glove box.
RA Barham-Hall

Ah, you may not have a black hole, but instead a relative of the little chap who lives under my bench. He takes great delight in hiding things in obscure places or moving things to unusual places, especially my spectacles! A while ago, when rebuilding my engine, I could not find the bolts that attached the gearbox, so I ordered a new set, only to find the originals, all neatly bagged up and labelled in the spare wheel compartment!

Good Luck!
D P Jones

Sounds about right!👹
RA Barham-Hall

That little chap under the bench gets around. Quantas Airlines have a detailed defect report. One pilot wrote: Severe knocking behind instrument panel which I can only describe as a midget with a hammer.

Workshop correction report: "Located midget, confiscated hammer."
R Taylor

It will be in the last place you looked for it after you find it!

Been there, done that too many times LOL!

Paul Barrow

Don't go knocking our Quantas ------
There's enough crappy airlines about without hitting on a good one-

Did you hear about the pilot that got lost in the clouds and radioed in for help
They asked--What's your height and position
He replied--
I'm 5'2" and I sit in the front
William Revit

Far into the future it is sure that it will come to light but its almost certain you will be unable to remember where it came from. Bryan 81y
B Mellem

Superb service on the Quantas A380 LAX to Sydney. The return Quantas 747-400 from Brisbane to LAX was as uncomfortable as heck but good service nontheless William!

Paul Barrow

Two comments:

I have my very own personal finder of missing things - my wife. I give her a description of the part or item that has gone missing and like a bloodhound, she invariably finds it for me in very short time. And it's always in the last place I put it down.

She loves doing this because it gives her a very valid excuse to poke muck at me for losing it in the first place. I consider that's a small price to pay for finding that which was lost!

The pedant in me would like to point out that our national airline QANTAS does not have a 'U' in its name - it is an acronym for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services, which excuses it from subscribing to the hard and fast rules about "Q"s and "U"s.
N Wakeman

My life is full of those black holes. Iím forever going around in circles looking for things that I have lost. When my wife notices me going around in circles looking for something she normally lets me go for quite sometime and then finally asks what Iím looking for. I tell her, and within a few moments she has located the offending item.
She said that my problem is that I only have a MAN look. She is successful because she has a WOMANS look. (Donít you just hate it when the wife is right)
T J Ciantar

Can she find my glasses?

Paul Barrow

She found they are. (I tell ya, she's good.)

T J Ciantar

Any luck yet Bob ?. Have the vortex re-opened ?.
I can send you a spare to get you back on the road if it helps.

Hi Tony,
Thanks for your follow up.
The answer is simply "No". It has not turned up.
I cannot believe it.
My wife has been locked in the garage searching now for three days and I have had enough of my own cooking now.

The comments on this thread from around the world, and the forum in general are incredible, but have not worked their magic so far.

I have put a universal push on ball for the moment but would hope to get an original at some point.

If you have an original in decent condition and it warrants postage costs, please email or text me the overall cost and perhaps raise a Paypal invoice.
You have my email, and my mobile number is +44 7946530417.

RA Barham-Hall

This may be a silly thought, but is there any chance the gearbox filling cover was open and the knob is laying on top of the gearbox?or even rolled forward onto the bellhousing
John YB0362
JC Jebb

Hi John,
Thanks for your desire to help.
Unfortunately it is not where you suggest.

I have started to take the floorboards out of car in order to replace the Draught excluder around the doors, and do one or two other jobs, and I am making sure I bag, label and put anything I remove in a secure place, and not just casually lay it down.

It remains a mystery.
I am currently awaiting delivery of a replacement knob which I shall chain down till fitted.

Currently looking forward to NEC visit next Saturday to Classic Car Restoration Show.
RA Barham-Hall

Have you moved the car yet - chances are that its on the ground just beside the rear wheel. Bryan
B Mellem

Bob, have you found the knob yet?

This morning whilst checking my YTs wiring I remembered a stud screw fell on the cars floor when trying to fit the driving lamp wiring into the back of the switch. I haven't been able to find it.

Stuart Duncan

Hi Stuart, in short...."No"... the Gear Knob remains missing. I have now replaced it and await its eventual resurrection!
RA Barham-Hall

Bob, Bob, I've got some news---
Going through my boxes of MGY bits and pieces and found a gearknob that I didn't know I had
It was upside down in the packet so it came from the Northern Hemisphere I guess
Thought of you straight away
Anyway mystery solved, it can't possibly be a coincidence--I've got your knob, and NO you can't have it back
William Revit

G'day Willy,

Please feel free to enjoy my Gear Knob.
It is a great relief to know that it has surfaced somewhere!!!!

Fair exchange is no robbery as I have had a new Dash fashioned for me by fellow Y owner, Neil Wakeman from Victoria and it is currently in UK Customs awaiting release for delivery.

I am trying to patiently await delivery in expectation.

RA Barham-Hall

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