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MG MG Y Type - Y wood

Is there a place in the us or abroad that specializes in either verneer replacement or new dash boards for a Y..Or, if ones verneer is coming off what ias suggested an owner do...Many thanks...Marvin
marvin soroken

Hi Marvin

There is likely to be somewhere down in CA but we do not have any specific places recommended at this time. If you go to the Links page, then Suppliers, then Veneer - Dashboards there is a recommendation there and although this is in the UK, it was recently used by someone in South Africa with very good results - see March 2006's Picture of the Month (go to Picture of the Month, scroll down, click on the Archives link then select March 2006).

Paul Barrow

Suggest that you contact Willem Van Der Veer. I recall seeing his pictures of his own restoration, but can't remember where. I do remember telling him how tolerant his wife is to let him do the renovation on the kitchen table!
Michael Nicholson
j m nicholson

Back from holiday! My restoration is in the archives under "dashboard (re)finished":
Willem van der Veer

When I restored the dash on Hyacinth I just went to a quality woodworking supplier and found vanier that matched the original, rempved the old and replaced with the new.
Floyd Inman

I've seen a lot of dashboards restored with walnut-veneer only.

Of course this looks very nice, but originally the dashboard is covered with mahogany veneer with only the instrument- and gloveboxpanel covered in walnut veneer.

As you can see in the pictures of my dashboard, in true British woodworking tradition, (burr)walnut veneer should always be "mirrored" left and right. This is accomplished by buying two slices of veneer from the same block of walnut. The mahogany however, is not mirrored.

If you go for a 100% walnut-finish you should consider the mirrored look. If it works for Jaguar and Rolls Royce, it should work for the Y too! (and it may be cheaper too?)
Willem van der Veer

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