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MG MG Y Type - YA at H&H Auctions

Paul, this looks like a coming auction ;-)
Willem van der veer

This car is currently for sale at Oselli in oxfordshire. 9950!!
DM Gibson

Don't have the auction number, but that red Y partial resto is back up on ebay at a very nice price.
Paul Gaynor

I wonder if Oselli have breathed on the engine - that would be one heck of a car if they have!!!

Paul Barrow

Apart from the missing battery box lid and the rear ashtray not having been secured in properly this looks a nice car!

Paul Barrow

Very nice car indeed, but if it is really "completely restored" I'd ask the restorer to do the bubbling dashboard again.
Like the Clayton heater and TD rearlights.
Willem van der Veer

This was the car owned by the Y Register's erstwhile Secretary from around 2001 - his name momentarily escapes me. Paul will have met I'm sure before moving to the States.

He was essentially a bike man.I recall him telling me that the car had lived all its life in Somerset until he purchased it. He then paid 13k to have it restored by Chisholm (?) Restorers based in Somerset.

It looked superb at the time.I recollect seeing it at Beaulieu in 2006 on Terry Bone's stand for about 10k. It was purchased by a lady (though whether from TB I dont know) from the NW of England who was bringing it to last year's Spring Run but then pulled out due to some electrical problems.
Oselli have had the car for somewhile. They do have some very nice MGA's as well as B's on the site.

Haven't seen the detailed pics - but will look.

I see it's at Cheltenham in a couple of weeks time.I might go down - its about 35 miles rom where I live.


This car is now list on the H&H Auctions site for the 27th Feb details Below
Lot 17
1948 Y Type
Estimate:6000 - 7000
Colour: GREEN
Trim Colour:FAWN
Chassis No: Y1350
Engine No:B56476
Registration No:LAE 578
M.O.T:NOV 2008

Hyperlink is

Former Secretary was Ian McHardy Young.

Paul Barrow

Hmmm! I recognize this car. I was very interested in it in the summer of 2006.

See a much more detailed description of it right here:

The price was around 10,500 pounds when the vendor offered it to me at that time and there was almost no room for negociation.

I consulted knowledgeable and generous people which guided me towards an excellent YA that suited me perfectly at a somewhat lower price. I am still very grateful towards them. I love my car!
Gilles Bachand

I see that this YA made 7425 last week at Cheltenham.
Considerably less than Oselli were seeking.
When I saw it at Beaulieu about 3 years ago it looked pretty good but that was only about 5 years after a 13k rebuild. The price attained seems to be a good indication of current values for a Condition 1 (?)car.
Has anyone any idea who purchased it?



i saw this car at moto build today ,very nice looking car was having a 5 speed conversion and a brake rebuild ,but thats all i found out .who done the lovely interior for it ?seats are beautifull .and i am a mga lover

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