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MG MG Y Type - YA Frames?

They say the TD was a direct take off from the MGYA
frame design. My question is, is a TD frame a direct replacement for a 48 YA frame? Please advise. Also, if anyone has details on what's involved in conversion of a YA to MGA or MGB disc brakes and wirewheels please advise on details. Thanks to all. It's offically winter in New England and time to get some work done!
Warren M

The TD chassis is not a direct replacement for the YA. The TD chassis is some 6 and a bit inches shorter than the YA. Also, the YA chassis runs below the rear axle but I believe that of the TD goes above.
Jack Murray

The simplest way to convert a Y to wire wheels is to use a complete MGB front end and only retain the Y type steering rack and shock absorbers. You will need to make 4 spacers from 1 inch round stock to space the MGB top kingpin swivel into the Y shock absorber (upper arm) jaws. All 4 spaces are the same depth as both king pin assemblies are set on the same centreline. This mod saves having to redrill the chassis in situ (an awkward job at best) and means no permanent changes (i.e. the brakes can be changed back to original later if desired.) A larger bore master cylinder may be required as most disc braked cars have bigger bore brake cylinders.
Phil Stafford

One slightly simpler way to get a YA frame - get in touch with Rod Francis on +44 (0)1303 872312 UK evenings or +44 (0)860 799601 UK day time or advertise in the MG Octagon Car Club Bulletin / Safety Fast - they do come up an this way you get one without the hastle. I even think David Pelham has one he is trying to give away! If not others doo come up. Email Jack and ask the MG Car Club Y Reg to let you know if they hear of one.

Paul Barrow

Silly question, but do you actually need a "replacement" YA chassis? Whats wrong with the one you have? Keith
Keith D Herkes

Just to poke in my penny-worth:-

The YA chassis was used as a basis for the TD. There are quite a few modifications. The front end is virtually identical, but the pedal box is very different as is the positioning of the clutch and brake pedal pivot. There is 7" missing from the TD chassis. The TD has a large tubular frame that supports the scuttle, ( first ones shook terribly without this fitted.) This is not fitted to the 'Y' series. The rear half of the chassis is virtually turned upside-down. The 'Y' had an underslung rear axle, ( chassis went under it.) The TD's is overslung, it rises above the rear axle. This means the very rear spring hangers are mounted the other way up on the TD.

The TD has no Jackall mouning pads welded to the frame.

There are a few so called 'TD's about that are built up on shortened 'Y' chassis. A quick look at the pedal box, the lack of a scuttle frame, and an underslung rear axle with a panhard-rod should make you suspicious!

The YA frame differs from the YB in that there is no rear panhard-rod mounting, and the front cross member has brackets welded underneath it, to lower the lower-inner wishbone pivot point, ( lowering the roll-centre.) YB's have a front anti-roll bar, but this is a bolt-on extra. YA's use early versions of lever arm dampers, TD's use the later type as on the YB. The TF uses an even later type similar to the Armstrong versions on the MGA, ( but smaller.)

Neil Cairns

Under Y-type Special on this same bulletin board is this:

Keith D Herkes, Bedfordshire, UK,
If I hadn't already got too many projects on the go, it would be great fun to have a bash at a special. If anyone else in UK fancies a go, I have a YA chassis sitting here doing nothing. It could be yours for a nominal sum. Give me a shout.
Gene Gillam

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