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MG MG Y Type - YA U bolts

Hi there,

I have 2 new rear springs for my YA but am having difficulty obtaining new U bolts. Does anybody know if TD ones will fit as these seem more easily available.

J Sanderson

I am fairly certain these are easily available... probably they are similar to ones from many other cars - measure the overall length and ring around eg Morris Minor centre etc. Also glad to hear that you still have the YA - memories of Maghull Rally circa 1982- got a photo of you looking at my YB which I can e mail you!Let me have your e mail address and I will see if I have any details of suppliers of the U bolts. By the way I may be getting new rear springs at some stage so would be interested where you bought yours and if they have the rubber pads between the leaves.

Hi David,

Yes I remember the Maghull rallies with you and John Lawson glad you have still got your YB also.
I have just had some restoration work done on the Y, I purchased the springs from the Octagon Car Club about 3 years ago. They don't have the rubber pads between the leaves, it could mean they can be kept oiled if necessary.
I haven't been able to get underneath yet to measure the length I just thought they may have been the same as the TD ones.

J Sanderson

Pretty sure TD ones will fit John. Call NTG and ask them to make sure but I am sure they will sort you out.

Paul Barrow

Thanks Paul, will do that.

J Sanderson


Got mine from NTG, they were perfect.

Also used Octagon springs though I modified them somewhat.

The U bolts are long enough for you to add top and bottom rubber pads as per YB too.

Rob King

It may be of interest to note that John James has organised a production run of the rear spring leaf pads. These are exactly the same dimensions as the original ones (except for the material – Nylatron, not rubber) and they cost £1.87 each.

I won’t quote the costs from the other suppliers, but there are significant savings to be achieved and a superior product.

John can be contacted at and will be in attendance at the Spares day at Stoneleigh this coming weekend. It will be possible to save on postage as well!

David Pelham

It should be noted that all of the replacement rear spring sets available do not have the rubber pads fitted. Apparently they are considered as not necessary for some reason. The manual says they were fitted to avoid the need for oiling the springs. Presumably if replacement springs dont have them the spring set up would need to be adjusted in some way?

Hi all

Contacted Jones Springs who list Y Type springs but only make U bolts to order, so I've ordered 4 at a much reduced price than well known MG suppliers.
Morris Minor bolts are similar but 20mm too short.
The new springs I have acquired do not have the holes in the end of the leaves to locate the rubber pads so I cannot see how the nylatron pads would fit

Rob, what were the modifications you did to the Octagon springs?

John Sanderson

My understanding is that replacement springs are set up so as not to need the rubber pads as per original. It might be worth checking this out but Mike Green of NTG told me replacement springs have never been fitted with the rubber pads for as long as he can remember.

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