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MG MG Y Type - YB parts

I have a 1953 YB. Looking for a complete set of bonnet handles and gas accelerator pedal, may be some other parts later. I would appreciate parts depot info.
R. Wong


I have sent you an email to your yahoo address. Please check and let me know if interested.

Paul Barrow

Good afternoon Mr Wong

Frustratingly I have a bonnet for a YB which is complete with bonnet catches which I sold on E-Bay months ago and the buyer has paid for it but still has not bothered to collect it despite various E-Mails. If you do not have any luck with your wanted advetisement I will try again to try to see whether he wants his money back in which case we might be able to come to some sort of arrangement for the bonnet complete if you are able to arrange for a carrier to ship it to you.

I would much prefer that it went to you to be actually used to keep an M.G. on the road rather than just taking up space.

You may be interested to know that I am selling various YB parts which came off my first (crashed) YB plus an XPAG ENGINE and also a GEARBOX on E-Bay, the auctions for which end very shortly. If you key in MGYB (without a space between MG and YB) you will soon find them.

I also have a number of YB items which I have not yet listed including a radiator, steering wheel, column,rack etc. which I will put on sale shortly through E-Bay in order to let them find their own price.

Best of luck with your search. I am pretty sure that Paul will be able to help you but if you get stuck for anything do please let me know


Clive Evrall (known on E-Bay as MGYBCLIVE)
J.C. Evrall

I have all the parts you need, here in the USA.
Scott Barrow
S.R. Barrow

Thank you all. You guys are great
R. Wong


Did not get your email.

R. Wong


I have resent.

If you still cannot see it send me another email and I will try a different account. I have suggested that you contact Scott.

Paul Barrow

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