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MG MG Y Type - YB rear shock absorber link arms bushes

The YB has a link arm that connects the rear shock absorber(s) to the chassis. These are not the same as the TD or YA. NTG will do exchange links but at a hefty price - has anyone ever replaced these bushes[ which have an integral thread in them]?. I know a special tool is required to do this. Someone with a YB must have done this at some time.


All that is required is a 5 ton press, have you got the bushes? If so, take them to a garage and they will press out the old ones and press in the new.

Corry Grainger

Where do you get the YB bushes/thread from?
4 per car - 2 each side

Dave, Peter Edney is back on the scene advertising his interest in T and Y cars. He has a website if that is any help to you. Regards Peter W
P J Wilgoss

Edney does the complete rear shock absorber link arm for the TD but its different to the YB. The threaded bush may be the same but its not available separately. Surely someone has obtained the correct bush for the YB and fittted them? I'll try a bit more phoning around.

Maybe Edney will redo your arms for you possibly Dave? After all, the problem is your bushes are shot right? The arms, if bent may possibly be staightenable but the normal is that the bush perishes.

Paul Barrow

David, when I had my YB shockers rebuilt, they were done by Stevson Motors Ltd.Birmingham
and he also replaced the bushes in the link arms for me.
If the threads on the link arm are OK then Stevesons can just replace the bushes, utisising the original threaded pins.Give them a call and discuss the options.
Keith D Herkes

I will give them a ring - its not so much that I cant get them done - its the price...the actual bushes are quite cheap if I could find some - my local garage could fit them quite cheaply. i'll try Stevenson though. Thanks.


Here in the UK we have spot the error, you can win a prize! Tell me, quiet how you managed to get your name wrong and then by magic it changed, lol.


R E Knight

You do seem to have an ability to be extremely rude on this BBS to other Y owners. I was actually going to add
Paul can perhaps confirm this for us?
as in pushing out the old bushes, but I hit submit before finishing. Subsequent postings made such a comment unnecessary so I asked if this could be simply changed to sign me off with my usual CG.

Corry Grainger


Um, more confused. Only one Y Type shows as known in Malta and you are not the one listed. You participate actively when cross words between the IMGYR and other sites. I note your enthusiasm for IMGYR but reluctance to post a Y type to the virtual parade.
Please share your enjoyment of Y's to the gallery.


R E Knight

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