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MG MG Y Type - yt wheels

Hi, Just wondered if any one had any thoughts about putting 15" YB wheels on a YT, I presume the bolt holes would be the same, I would like to run with radial tyres which are readily available in 15".
Peter Allman

When I had my Y-type I went in to the question of radial tyres for 16" wheels but never actually fitted them.
The cheapest seemed to be available from Michelin and Dunlop as 685/16 size for taxis and these are about 2% larger rolling radius than standard cross plies, which seemed a good idea to me. I would have like to gear the car up a bit more if I could have done. However they were 6-ply I believe and I heard it suggested that they were a bit stiff in the sidewall as a result and might be uncomfortable.

I found several others available, but where the taxi tyres were about 50 each, some others were well in to 3 figures.

I found them all on the internet. You could look first at Longstone tyres who specialize in tyres for the older car.

If you want the results of my search as an Excel file,which was prepared 4 or 5 years ago, email me.


Michael Nicholson

As soon as I posted, i realised that my email address has changed,

Michael Nicholson

It's not possible (without major work) to fit 15 inch wheels to a YA/YT. The whole braking system on the YB is different as are the brake drums/backplates etc. It would probably be easier to rebuild the YT body on a YB chassis which had the 15 inch wheels already fitted.

I purchased a set of Avon Radials for my YA but had to return them because they were too wide for the wheel. The fitter could not get both walls to sit concentrically. So regretfully it had to be the cross ply Avon Tourist which after all the car was designed for. By the way if 15" wheels could be fitted I doubt if the car could make 55mph Bryan
B Mellem

Bryan - I drive my YA at 65-70 all the time on the highways and freeways - great fun ... and that is on Bias Ply/Cross ply 16" with a stock engine and single carburettor!

Peter, yes Avon Tourist X ply are expensive but if you get them from Vintage Tyre in Beaulieu they are good. Ask before you order if you are a member of the Beaulieu Motor Museum Friends Scheme if there is a discount, or discount for AA/RAC or any other "club" such as MG Octagon Car Club as any discount may cover you costs of joining or at least contribute to them.

Paul Barrow

If anyone has fitted Avon radials from Vintage Tyres to a YA/T wheel let me know. It was these tyres we tried to fit, but found that either one wall or the other rolled into the rim well, and no amount of soap would coax them into position, so if there is a method to it let me know. Bryan
B Mellem

Thanks for all your comments, I have decided to have a set of 16" Michelin Taxi Tyres fitted they look a bit chunky but seem to give a good ride with better road holding, thanks again.
Peter Allman

In Australia the Insurance Industry refers to a standard Tyre & Rim Fitting Guide. Under this guide the narrowest rim you can legally fit a 175/R16 tyre (smallest 16" available down under) is 4 1/2", so to fit these on the std 3" rims makes the car unlawfull and therefore UN-INSURED.

Please check that your car is still legal with that size tyre on the std 3" rim.

If you can find a Standard Vanguard - they have 16" x 4.5" rims that bolt straight on to a YA/YT - and the utes have 5" rims - even better.

The tie rod ends on YA/YT will also foul 15"rims unless you have a less than optimum offset made up, but it can be done.

Due to the rarity of SV rims here, I use Lada Niva Rims on Y-Type wheel centres.

have a look at
they quote 2 avon radials for 16" rims
1/ 165HRx16 Avon turbo steel at 155mm width
2/ 670HRx16 Avon turbo steel at 176mm width

which ones did you try on ? those at 155mm width should fit on as they are only 10mm wider than cross plys

I intend to fit them to my YA on completion of the rebuild, however longstones are local to me so I will be able to take my wheels to them to fit the tyres.

hope that helps Chris
C A Pick

Chris The radial tyres that Vintage Tyres advised was 165HR16 which they assured me was the only size available that fit the YA rims. Well as far as the tyre fitters here demonstrated to me, they were unable to sit the tyres concentrically. I was aware of the taxi tyres but in view of their weight and the dampers specified for the YA, thought the extra un-sprung weight would cause the wheels to bounce. If you can obtain more suitable radial tyres which fit so much the better, maybe there is a way of fitting the tyres we are unaware off. I am now stuck with cross plys. Bryan
B Mellem

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