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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Dissapointed

After 6 weeks of waiting, I thought my ZS 120+ was arriving this week, was told that I could pick it up tomorrow (Friday), but got a call today (Thursday) just 1 day before the event telling me that it could be another week! What a pain. Down to a supplier company going bust I'm told. Anyone else got the same problem ?
Matt P

I've had delay after delay after delay! Finally I'm going to pick my ZS 120+ up in around an hour!!!!!
phil palmer

Matt, there was a rumour going around that a supplier problem had delayed the Z cars a bit, sounds like yours was one of the affected :(

Hope you find it worth the wait, I'm sure you will do :)

I don't envy you having to run it in though, going easy for around 600 miles, that'll be quite tricky to do!!

Steve Childs

Yes indeed a waste of time, the car broke down within 30 miles, bits rattle, I will definatly not buy one of these Z(ero) cars. Audi is a much better car.

Audi is a mark
Bas Timmermans


Sorry to read about your disappointing Z car as we're waiting for delivery of ZR 120 at end of month.

Which model car have you got? What caused the breakdown? Is the dealer fixing it? Which bits rattle? Can they be fixed?

I know this shouldn't happen on a new car. Please keep us informed of developments.

Hope it all gets sorted properly for you.


The family is considering expanding the family fleet- we had a ZR160 shortly as a courtesey car that won us all over. Wonderful firm ride, great steering and the front seats are fantastic.

We are sort of thinking of replacing the family Nissan Micra with a ZR105. And blow me if it doesn't actually possess all the bits that makes the 160 bhp variant wonderful, and goes sans the sill skirts- which IMO is a good thing. Plus it benefits from cheaper running costs.. :o)

Absolutely not disappointed- actually very impressed. Mine will be a silver thanks. Or maybe LeMans green? Anyone know why the green won't be seen until November?

Still hankering for a ZS180 to replace the 'other' family car. Can't have too many MGsyou know... ;o) Just ask Martin.
Rob Bell

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