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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - It's all over!

What would you buy now that Rover's and MG's are unavailable?

Rover Over!

Anything that has a dealer network and warranty!
North by North West

Never been in a position to be able to buy a new car, so the fact that there are no fresh-off-the-prod-line MGs to buy won't effect me directly for a number of years. Parts-availability will though: that's another matter.

I've just bought a three-year-old ZR105 and it's so much fun that I'm already waiting for the time in a few years (when I've paid off my bank-loan...) when I will hopefully trade it in for a last-of-the-range low-mileage ZR160!

There are a few still knocking about new, but not many.

Failing that a low mileage newish one could be had for very good money

Otherwise... Try Honda Type Rs or a Mazda MX5

or if you want the uk driving experience a lotus elise.

You now can't buy a British car. Unless you want a Morgan, a Caterham/Westfield, a taxi, a JCB or a LDV Maxus van! :o(

Jeepers :o(

Spreading the net more widely, I guess that cars that are "British" in badge and built here, you are restricted to Landrover, Jaguar, Aston Martin or MINI.

Cars that are built in Britain include Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

Oddly, the Japanese brands are probably more 'British' than Ford or Vauxhall - neither manufacture vehicles here any more. At least Ford do undertake some R&D here and have an engine plant and continue to churn out Transit vans in Southampton...

If there isn't a MG or Rover option with which to replace the ZTT, then I'll be buying Jaguar. The X-type wagon isn't as good as the ZTT IMO, but it must be better than getting a Bravarian taxi.
Rob Bell


I have similar views and have been wondering about switching to Jaguar saloon cars.

However, I think you have LDV in the wrong list. IIRC it is foriegn owned there days just like Jaguar, Aston Martin etc.

I once tried to persuade my wife that she should have a 206 and I should have and XJ as they were the nearest car factories to our house. With Browns Lane closing I better change mine to an Aston Martin!
David Witham

You may be right David, but I thought that it was a British management buy-out when Leyland-DAF wanted to close its UK-based factories.
What the management buy out purchased was what was left of Frieght-Rover. The Sherpa van has effectively only just been replaced with the Maxus, although LDV has been re-badging a Nissan Van design for some while...

You're right - I forgot to add Peugeot to my list! But from the sounds of things, Ryton could be on the 'critical' list :o( Rumour is that PSA want to move car production to eastern Europe. So that will be the final end of what was the mighty Rootes Group.

On a slightly more cheery note - at least you now have a good reason to insist on buying an Aston Martin! I would really love to go and see their factory - it is meant to be simply stunning! :o)

A British company, owned by the Americans and run by a German. Terrific ;o)
Rob Bell

"Oddly, the Japanese brands are probably more 'British' than Ford or Vauxhall - neither manufacture vehicles here any more. At least Ford do undertake some R&D here and have an engine plant and continue to churn out Transit vans in Southampton..."

Vauxhall have quite a large plant in Ellesmere Port that still churns out cars. Astras i think.
A R Jordan

I stand corrected. I knew that Luton closed - whether that had anything to do with Clarkson's comments on the Vectra I have no idea... The Ellesmere Port plant I thought just churned out engines - but certainly seems to bolt together Astras as well (at least until as recently as )

Which means that Ford is the least 'British' nameplate of all the manufacturers. Might as well buy a Volkswagon.

Jag X-type is looking likely for me then.
Rob Bell

Should I buy another car, it WILL be another MG, it may not be fresh from the factory, but a used one. Who says I cant buy another MG!

Just seen the beautiful new Alfa 159 (starting price from £18K equivalent in France)-I don't know how a future MG could find money to launch/sell such a car at that kind of price.The future Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback looks good too.

Future of MG presses in Chinese hands

Thankfully the reports from Frankfurt were'nt very positive about the quality of the Chinese product.
So if they ever do manage to start making MGs in China the quality would be worse than Longbridge...
Just think of it! I won't buy one!

Whilst we are at it, I am utterly peed off with people so willing to export jobs to Asia. It isnt a clever thing to do!

Not only do you export those Jobs, you also export their tax revenue and saddle yourself with a liability in the form of benefits payments. Also it is soul destroying for thousands of good workers.

It is the Private Sector which gives our nation primary wealth and despite Princess Tony's aim to have everybody working in the public sector (Newcastle currently 60%) this doesnt help keep us fed, clothed or the wolves from the door.

It's all very well buying dubious Chinese cars for £5000 but what are the real costs of us buying them? Exporting jobs to China not only damages our nation and the European Community but also supports, condones, and greatly enriches an utterly horrible regime in China. Already the ships leave China Full but go there empty!

It is up to the manufacturers to design cars than can be made here for less, if that's what the market wants.

It is up to us to not buy foreign cars, particularly from outside the EU

Support and buy UK manufactured cars even if they are "Japanese" or "American"


Well the reports coming out of the UK (Which report) suggests the quality of product coming out of Frankfurt isn’t up to much either….

The build up of some wealth in China is more likely to cause the demise of Communism and improve the well being of a large portion of the world’s population than a dive back into the protectionism that played such a large part in starting the Second World War.

I am sad at the lost of Longbridge but it does seem to be part of a shift of metal bashing jobs out of the mature economies towards the under developed economies.

If we join the French and Germans in attempting to protect such industries we are likely to suffer the same ruinously low growth and terrible unemployment whilst only delaying the trend. Just this week VW are talking about losing 10,000 jobs in Germany and MB are talking about losing 8,000 today.

Leave capitalism to deliver the solution – it has served us well for 500 years.


PA Beet

I am not suggesting protectionism

I am suggesting creative solutions from the capitalists who run car companies


Why does everyone think that the Chinese are incapable of building good quality cars? Weren't the same things said about the Japanese back in the 60's and the Koreans in the 80's? Look what happened there. If i were you guys, i wouldn't write off the Chinese so soon. If they can put rockets into space, they can certainly screw an engine together.
A R Jordan

The Russians were pretty good at firing rockets into space too, but I wouldn't be tempted to buy a Lada.
Rob Bell

All the cars from the Frankfurt show from China had dire build quality. They have a long way to go yet. But now I suppose as they have a complete set of excellent jigs from MGR they'll be able to complete.

FYI here's the new Concept car from Lada


Stonking supercharger on the back:-D
Tim Hayton


Alfa make great cars but they are so fragile. I always wanted one but didn't want the service costs. Had one for a company car and the cheapest service was £500. So far the most expensive service on the ZT is under £400. I miss the Alfa but not the running costs

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