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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - MG ZS Mk2 wanted

I am looking for a MG ZS facelift 5dr hatch for sale.Spec is any colour / engine expt V6 but must have the full body kit, 17" wheels and high spec low mileage. Loads seem to be for sale Birmingham /manchester but non in Kent.
Any info please.

Buy two - a 4-cylinder and a V6, then put the V6 engine in the 4-cylinder. That way you will have the performance of the V6 but the road tax of the 4-cylinder - when the humungous tax increases come in.
Paul Hunt

It is not easy to convert a 4 cylinder ZS to a 6 cylinder one due to the relocation of the ECU. The whole of the engine bay wiring loom would need to be changed.
Ralph Gadsby

I've just done a search and there is a green 2.0TD at West Car Sales in Newington, asking price is 3,995. It is a 4 door, though, but has the full body kit with the 11 spoke alloys.

There is also a blue 1.6 110+ at 5th Gear Motor Company in South Croydon. This one is a hatchback with 23,000 miles on the clock. The asking price is 4,390.
Ralph Gadsby

Thanks for the info. Will give the croydon car a buzz in the morning. Must be the hatch model though.
Hows the SV ralph ?

The SV is on SORN at the moment, as I'm not likely to drive it until more clement weather. I'll give it a good blast when it next gets taxed :D
Ralph Gadsby

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