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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - MG ZT XPower 385

Just had a letter confirming all the rumours on the above car! Placed it on the other Forum - will put it on site later.


Jerry Flint


Jerry look forward to reading the article

K Blades

I love the ZT385 and I intend to make one my wife.
JH Gillson


Whats the betting it comes out before Autumn??!!
K Blades

The Flyer I received was for the 385, so Autumn is about right from all I've heard. The "Flyer" was sent after registering interest in the specific model. Nice to see MGR keeping us informed - so good one MGR - it also mentions they will keep me informed of further updates.

The 260 will be earlier. Strange that there has been nothing on the 260 at all!
Jerry Flint

What I should have asked is, "has anyone asked for info on the 260??"

"Strange that there has been nothing on the 260 at all!"

The 260 carries the badge of another marque...You heard it here first.

Now where did I put my longboat?
Stool Pigeon

Now that would be a great idea - ideal executive toy.

After owning the R75 2.5 and now the ZT190. The R75 does hav a lot of appeal in the right clothes - Con. This is what i've noticed with the ZT - I'm missing all those gadgets that came free with the Con.


PS. StoolPigeon thanks for the heads up - reasonably accurate info?
Jerry Flint

The "news" about the 260 comes as a surprise when you consider what was said when the rear wheel drive cars were first announced.

If the 260 comes as an R75 will it be in the longer VdP body? Will both RWD cars end up in the longer body? Now where did I leave the V5 for my R800 Vitesse.
David Witham

Imagine a govt. minister or two tooling round in a LWB Rover Vanden Plas V8 ...
Ann MG Writer who will remain anonymous

Two Jags might. Good PR, even if they don't deserve it - especially Byers!
Jerry Flint

The Boyz in Bloo may well be happier in a Rover than any new fangled MG Thing......

Don't listen to Ann. The fast MG ZS/ZR is still a long way off! Two people i have seen to day have told me so.

Ann get your facts right!

To many pseudonyms here - who am I talking to - you could all be the same person! Is ANN a feamale or is he more sinister?
Jerry Flint

who the hell was talking about ZR&ZS's on this thread?
I'd rather listen to ANN than your 2 people, he's not been proved wrong, unlike you!

Stool Pigeon...

Hmmm, let me see if I can piece together your clues...

"Now where did I put my longboat?"

This is a Scandinavian reference of some sort. Vikings and longboats. Spam, Spam, lovely Spam. So, let's keep Scandinavia and general Norseness in mind before we tackle the next clue.

"The 260 carries the badge of another marque...You heard it here first."

260, now wasn't that the model number of the six cylinder variant of a particular Swedish saloon?

It should be blindingly obvious to everyone by now that the answer is Volvo. MG-R will be building fast saloons for Volvo!

Am I right? Do I get a prize?

Mr Zachariah

ace more annon postings.

But I agree with your sentiment, especially as all on the boaord know who "Ann MG Writer who will remain anonymous" is! Has a little more access to info than most of us! No doubt like some of us, also cannot print all he knows.

Back to point - I still think the ZT385 - Autumn launch is EARLY.

Jerry Flint

The fast MG ZS/ZR is still a long way off! Two people i have seen to day have told me so.

Ah well - I bow down to superior intellect and sppellin abolity!

Depends on how impatient the English Impatient is!
Ann MG Writer

A Rover 75 without any silly long wheelbase rubbish would be more than OK actually


I still haven't a delivery date, think I'm going to pass I've waited for 18 months and now getting impatient. Tried to get a 6R4 - no luck. Test drove a Caterham today, makes any other 2-seater pedestrian.

This was the letter on the ZT385 I receieved.

Thankyou for your interest in the MG ZT XPower, a car that we believe is set to take the sports saloon sector by storm.

Since it was reveiled at Frankfurt last year, we've been putting the MG ZT XPower through a series of uncompromising and rigorour tests.

It's been submitted to the mind-numbing cold of Scandinavian winter and the blistering heat of an Australian summer. Then came the ultimate challenge for its supercharged 4.6litre, V8 which can produce 385Ps - Nuburgring, Europe's fastest racetrack.

Its 143 tortuous turns and demanding high-speed straights made it the perfect environment to evaluate the performance and handling credentials of the MG ZT XPower.

Here it bulleted to 0-60 in less than 5 seconds; topped 100mph in under 10 and scorched to an awesome top speed of 175mph. And the "Ring" also represented the toughest trial yet for the car's front-engined, rear-wheel drive configuration and it's taught chassis, which together guarantee authentic, high performance sports car handling.

The MG ZT XPower passed all its tests with flying colours. But MG's gifted engineer Rod Oldaker (voted "Engineer of the Year 2002" by Autocar) is a hard man to satisfy. Now he and MG design director, peter Stevens, along with their exceptional team, are taking the MG ZT XPower to the USA for further environmental tests and styling refinements.

It won't be long now before you can experience the sheer power of its advanaced technology on the road that was previously confined to the racetrack. The MG ZT XPower is due to be launched in Autumn 2002.

We'll be writing to you again with progress reports on the MG ZT XPower in the near future.

Signed Steve Robertson - UK Marketing Director.
Jerry Flint

Keep the breathing regular Jerry, and try and relax. It sounds as though this car will be worth waiting for. :o)
Rob Bell

MG ZT XPower to the USA for further . and styling refinements.
Does this mean that Gerry will be involved with another M.G.? :-)
Ian Holliday

>>Rob, I think I'm going to get a Caterham. <<

:o) I don't blame you! I've always wanted one, and one day, I'll build my own Jerry! :o)

BTW I saw a Caterham 7 the other day with the X-Power logo emblazoned on the side. Nice.
Rob Bell

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