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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - MGZT CDTI Warning

I've got a ZT 2.0l 114 Diesel brand new from August 2004 so its just about 20 months old and its just gone into the garage to have all 4 injectors replaced at potentially massive cost to me cos guess what..........theres no warrantee!!!
Anyone else experienced this? what did you do ? did you get any help from the dealer? or were you able to successfully persue a claim against anyone for the fault?


You haven't said how many miles you have done or what the problem with the car is. Mine is 2.5 years old and 55,000 miles and still OK. Changing injectors shouldn't be a difficult or long job anyway so labour costs wouldn't be great.

G Calvert

Those wonderfully durable BMW engines eh! Could try approaching the engine manufacturer but suspect your chances of getting them to pay is somewhat worse than a snowballs in hell!
PA Beet

The problem arose very quickly, it started losing power then throwing out smoke before picking up again, eventually died when I stopped. The car is 20 months old now with 27k miles, the problem was diagnosed by the dealer and the estimated cost to repair is up to 1500! injectors at least 138 + vat each then labour costs.

No problem with our CDTi so far - worst thing that has happened so far is running out of diesel despite the gauge showing over a 1/4 of a tank. That was a nice feeling on boxing day I can tell you. Not. I guess the sender must have stuck in the cold weather because the problem has certainly not recurred... AA man tells me this is a common problem with Diesels...

Sorry, I digress. Sorry, no warranty. Some dealers offered an additional warranty when MGRover went into mammories in ascention mode - but the manufacturers warranty is as sadly defunct as the manufacturer itself. :o(
Rob Bell

EDC injector failure is very rare unless the wrong fuels have been used.

Suggest you uplift car from said dealer and engage services of a diesel specialist.

Update on this issue..............
The dealer has now decided that their diagnostic equipment isnt sufficient and that the injectors may not be the problem after all!!! but possibly a problem with a wiring loom, the car goes to an associated dealer today to have proper diagnostics done the results of which I should know tomorrow, I will of course update as and when
Thanks all for your comments so far!

most common cause of the symptoms you have is a faulty mass air flow meter i have changed a lot of these.easy way to tell is to unplug the meter and start vehicle this will bring the mil lamp on but vehicle should idle and will free rev ok with meter disconnected.t4 will also show the live data from the airflow meter and if its within spec.
good luck with this quite an expensive part

regards andy

No warranty =
buy a good tool kit
be friendly to people on this site for info

get out and get under!

mY zT260 AIR CON FAILURE WOULD HAVE BEEN hideously expensive if a garage fixed it!

Neil Doktor Noiz

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