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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - New Paint Colour charts?

Monogram program……..Any colour charts as yet

I know that the Monogram program is going to offer us paint that will turn from Green to Blue (And bank statements from Black to RED!). I was wondering if anybody has seen or got a colour charts showing what colours are going to be availed?

(Yes I have read a few descriptions, but I would like to see a chart).

What else is up for grabs? Polished wheels, mad I.C.E systems, 4 pot brakes, replacement seats…….any ideas?

Going to dealership tomorrow, let you know if I hear anything.


Spoke to MGR and their DiSCUS computer system should have the full info loaded onto it by now

It'snot brakes and the like but after market options like trim & paint. Plus HI-FI - DVD ect.

I have a page with the currrent info + prices. Lots of exciting colours listed but no COLOUR examples.

Jerry Flint

Thanks Jerry
I see you went for Blue on the ZT, good choice!

im sure i saw a tahiti blue Zr in Dixons Doncaster last week, is this the latest colour?


Yes Rob
I have been up to the local dearship today, "Just passing". I saw a ZR in T/blue very nice, i wonder if they will do them in Pear Black or white?
Time will tell.
Ps what have you been up to latly?

I have seen a few of the Monogram colours and they range from Hmmmm to wow! No point trying to describe them as you have to see the actual colours.

Note that you can now order your MG with any of the 'Rover' colours if you wish. I saw a Copperleaf ZS going down the line last week.

Roger Parker

Ah that might be the Copperleaf ZS180 (5dr) we now have, Rog :-)

I'm not sure it goes with the ZS, TBH

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