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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - New Supercharged ZT220S

As part of the facelifted ZT range, importer Motor Group Australia has added two performance models - the 190kW, rear-wheel drive ZT 260 and the locally-developed ZT220S, which features a supercharged version of the regular ZT's 2.6-litre V6 engine. Both will change the way Australia views MG.

MG Australia developed the supercharger concept after determining the ZT chassis could handle more power. The blower raises power and torque by approximately 20 per cent over the standard V6. Rover MG is currently evaluating the package in the UK for possible release in the company's home market.
Matthew Semple

The 220s was annouched some months ago, largely going unnoticed by many MG watchers, myslf included, but I'm pretty much up to speed on this now. :-)

Thinking of fitting the kit to your ZS then Kelvin?
Rob Bell

Thinking is one thing, doing is another.
So if MGR want a donor car, for testing purposes, then they can email me :-)


I was e-mailed about this by a motoring magazine I subsribed to when I was living in Australia a couple of years ago.

It seems a far better idea than the big American V8 - although if both are offered it gives buyers the choice of two very different power deliveries.

The Australian website has details of the car - as does this press release:

and a picture of the installation can be seen here:

It is interesting that it is dated July 2004 but they have no images of the 2004 facelift. There was a delay in getting the TF to Australia as well as far as I can remember.
Matthew Semple

The first details of this emerged in Feb/March 04, the story apearing is various places in OZ and on the web, with only a couple of eagled eyed people spotting it over here.

As for facelifted model, they need to shift all the pre-face lift models first, and there are quite a few!! The Aussies love the MG, but just cant live with the horsepower of the std V6! Hence the supercharger, which should see sales pick up, thus clearing stocks. It will be interesting to see what happens next. Will they stop exports of the V6 and concentrate on the V8 ?


27th March at the Melbourne Motor Show was the launch pad for this locally produced model. I am aware of some very interesting recent UK progress for a very specialised use, but no one should hold their breath for this to percolate down to kits or cars they can buy. There is very much more to happen before this becomes a customer item.

Roger Parker

As Kelvin said this is old news - but MG haven't launched the car yet - 500 kits were mentioned.

In fact I posted the story 22 Feb - see this page:
Jerry Flint

Pics taken at the Melbourne Motor show here;
R Somerville

<<As for facelifted model, they need to shift all the pre-face lift models first, and there are quite a few!! >>

A bit like my local dealer. They still have old models in the showroom and hundreds on the forecourt. There are are a few new models lurking at the back of the forecourt They are obviously keeping them well-hidden so unsuspecting buyers don't object to being sold an old model!
Matthew Semple

What we want is an Xpower approved procharger for the ZT260 take it up to 350 or so

but of course when you get into drugs you always want more

The issue AFAIK is that as a 'factory' model this would have to comply with all the regular crud - like CO figures for tax purposes. So, as Roger says ....
Ann MG Writer

M.G.ZT is a great saloon BUT as usual it's underpowered from M.G. OZ Ford Falcon GT has 5.4 quad cam version of M.G motor but with 290kw[389bhp],& 2 thirds of the price here in OZ of the M.G 190KW ZT. M.G should market 385 model as base car. More power to M.G.

MG are never going to be able to compete on price with those very cheap Australian-built Fords. However they are hardly in the same class - the Ford Falcon is mostly used by taxi drivers and is full of cheap plastic.

I agree with you though Steve, it would be good if the larger powered engines were used in the ZT. I have read elsewhere on this forum that the car would need bulkhead modifications to make the quad-cam engine fit.

Have you seen any facelifted models in Sydney yet?
Matthew Semple

Fully agree Steve,that's why,at the cheaper end, am pushing for an increase on the 120HP of the 4 cylinder ZS since average cars here are now at 100 HP & after all MG has a power reputation as 'well above the average'.

Tony - it's an easy mod to do, to get the power to 130+ on the 1.8. The usual airfilter and exhaust mods get you there- and if you then change the very mild cams in the engine for something a little warmer, then you'll soon be knocking on 140.

For cheap cams, you can use a pair of VVC exhaust cams in the 1.8 head (for both inlet and exhaust). The timings are identical to those found in the 135 - but with fractionally less lift... Ought to be pretty cheap if you can source the cams second hand ;o)
Rob Bell

In OZ ,V6 ZTs are still for sale with original 03 front while new ZT 260 has new 04 face. I prefer old 02-03 face as it stands out here in traffic as BMWs are as common as Holdens & you dont notice them,unfortunately new 04 face brings M.G. inline with other similar looking cars,pity.
Stephen Foldhazy

Read an article on the ZT220 whilst in a newsagents in Port Douglas (as you do...). Not exactly a wholehearted endorsement of the product - they said it drove like a 190 (probably no bad thing) - and that it offered more choice to the ZT range...

Any one actually driven one of these cars themselves yet?

Stephen, I agree with you on the subject of the face lift. I actually really like the Rover facelift, but for the MG, the facelift has been something of a retrograde step: it looks more anonymous than the terrifically characterful 'Mk1' model.

Happily, I've managed to track down a suitable Sept '03 ZTT in Royal blue... Fingers crossed! :o)
Rob Bell

Obviously it's a matter of personal taste, but I prefer the pre-facelift ZT, which is fortunate because I own one! The ZT and the Rover 75 have moved too close together, in my opinion, the ZT having lost the aggressive look that really set it apart. That new frontal aspect looks too much like a Nissan from a distance...
Mark ZT160 1.8T

Rob, if youre after a royal blue ztt, trident can get one (old face) with delivery miles in 190 plus spec with a couple of other bits and pieces for about 15k
marc hanson

Thanks Marc - the one we're looking at is the diesel (I know - but the fuel economy and the 200 quid annual saving on insurance is pretty compelling!): 10k miles for under 14k - not too bad! Waiting for confirmation on specs...

But a 190 with delivery miles for 15k is very good value. Mind you - you can get face lift 'Mk2's off the internet for 16.5k!!! 8-O

Mark - completely agree. Actually, if I got a new car, I might actually go the monogram route and have the Rover with the V8 nose on it! Very imperious! :o)
Rob Bell

Bugger. Car's the wrong spec. The search continues! :o/
Rob Bell

<<Actually, if I got a new car, I might actually go the monogram route and have the Rover with the V8 nose on it! Very imperious! :o) >>

Do they do that? I know the V8 front is fitted on the 75 Limousine which comes with a 2.5KV6 or diesel engine but not a V8!

Tony Blair has bought one with a KV6 - he must have heard about those dodgy B*W engines they put in the diesel :-)
Matthew Semple

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