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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Northern MGF/Z Meet

Just a post to point to a "Northern MGF Meet" over on the events bbs.
Ian Walker

Details finalised - take a look!
Ian Walker

I've copied the basic details here but go to the 'Northern MGF (sic) Meet' thread on 'MG Events and Social UK' BBS for full script!

14 April 2002
Northern MG Owners - First Meet-Up Meeting just north of Settle, North Yorks, North Yorkshire

Entry fee: FREE!

Contact: Findlay Colquhoun<>

Meeting at a pub about a mile from Settle between 11:30-12pm on the day. Setting off at midday (prompt) to complete an 80 mile round trip through National Park land on minor roads. Route pre-arranged and all details on the website. Stopping at around 1pm for lunch at pre-arranged venue (see website). Then further drive to penultimate cafe stop. Final drive back to Settle.

ALL DETAILS on website (

This event is open to owners of ANY MG badged vehicle anywhere in the UK.

Within a few hours of the microsite going live, we've had 12 confirmations, not all from the north of England either!

The website contains an on-line form confirming your attendance at the event. Completing this form means space will be reserved for lunch for you. Also, if you're running late we'll know to wait. But you can just turn up on the day but be on time or we'll have started.

The aim is to meet other MG owners, have a bit of a chat, compare notes, go for a spin, have lunch, continue the route, have a drink, finish the route, final chat, decide if we want to do it again and go home. Emphasis very much on the social and driving side of things. I've certainly never been on one of these things before and think most others not either.

So go on, visit the microsite and get your MG over to Settle on the 14th April. See you then.

More information


Ian Walker

Good idea Ian to duplicate NMGO details here. Hopefully might get a few more takers here as well.

I thought the attendees model count needed a few more Zed's! Having test driven the ZS180 and ZT190 on normal roads and found esp the ZS180 awesome I thought some of your Zed owning colleagues might jump at the chance to drive them on real drivers roads!
Ian Walker

Still hoping to be there, but cannot say for definite just yet, although things are looking good.

ZS 120

Looks like it gonna be a good one, 12 cars / 17 people registered!
Ian Walker

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