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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Other uses for the ZT / ZTT Mile / trip meter

Hi all

I have just noticed while resetting the trip meter that if you hold down the little reset button after a while other information is displayed, looks a bit odd, its not the miles, trip or temp and continued pussing of the reset button cycles through other info, anyone know what this is and can anything be set / reset here.


Not tried that - must have a look!!! Anything in the handbook about it?
Rob Bell

Haven't seen anything in the handbook, but I tried it and got some numbers and letters that seemed to up in points from 1.0 to 1.7 with a few letters thrown in for good measure.
I would be interested to know what it all means.
Martin ZT

100% guess...
... an interface to reset the service indicator?
... could it be a fudge factor to get the MPG reading correct?
... software revision of various bits of the car ... including hte ECU?

Paul Nothard

yea i guess it could be any of the above, any of you guys more in the know ( You know who you are ) tell us exactly how to reset the service indicator or what else the letters and numbers mean??


I'll have to have a go!


Maybe this is where I can turn up the boost pressure on my 1.8T... :-)
MP Tippins

Groete Mnr Tippins

There is an article in this month's edition of TotalMG of a Birmingham firm offering a chip upgrade to the 1.8T - offering more power and torque than the 190 V6 - only about R7k, and not detecable by the MG R dealer!

Mind you, I did laugh at the journalist's comment that the 100kW motor was never going to excite anyone - perhaps he would like a ride in my V6 160 down a Welsh country road - it isn't all about power!

Are you on the Highveld, I would imagine the Turbo is very useful at that altitude.

Martin ZT

Hi Martin.

Greetings from sunny SA! I take it you are ex RSA? I agree with you that it isn't all about power, and the turbo is the logical choice on the highveld where I am. All MG's are great. My wife has the ZR120 and I find it an enormously satisfying drive, despite the bashing it gets in the press. Star Motoring tested both the ZT V6 and the 1.8T at the higveld, and the turbo was a full second quicker in the 0-100kph sprint. Of course it's a different story at the coast. I will look into the chip conversion, but I am concerned about reliability with the potential for turbo overspeed in the thin air up here...

MP Tippins

I sent you an email.

I asked at the local dealer about the trip meter and they had never heard of it, in fact the front desk were all set to investigate it under warranty.

Martin ZT

The service desk gave you a blank look?

Sounds about right for an MGR Dealer, sadly.

This thread was discussed between 15/01/2005 and 05/02/2005

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