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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - Road Tax Woe

What price a 2001 or later ZS180 or ZT now, then, with road tax at over 400?
Paul Hunt 2

Some sympathy for you Paul but aren;t your other vehicles "tax free"?


If you think you're being hit hard, then what about me? I've just bought a 51 reg ZS180. I also own a 54 reg ZS180 and a 54 reg V8 powered car. I can only drive one of them at a time, yet I will probably end up paying the thieving barstewards in the government over 1200 'road tax' for owning these 3 cars.

They still call it 'road fund license', but what percentage of the money that they take from us ends up used for maintaining the roads? Based on the condition of the local roads, which are like war torn Basra, I would say very little.
Ralph Gadsby

Andy - the roadster is tax free, the V8 'standard' tax, and the ZS180 will be 415 in 2009/10, 430 in 2010/11 and heaven knows what after that.

Ralph - now that is just extravagant ;o)

They say the majority of motorists won't be affected, but that still leaves 49.99% of us paying more. They also say that only 1% of cars are in the top bracket. But as it is epected to raise nearly half a billion quid it means it is owners in categories below the top that will be coughing up the vast majority of that. The really annoying thing is that if I had a Ferrari, Aston or God-forbid a Hummer I'd only be paying another 25!
Paul Hunt 2

Oh yes, depending on when your tax is due it should be possible to delay paying the higher rate for several months by buying just 6 months next time. That's if the thieving swine don't remove the option.
Paul Hunt 2

And just to cheer you up your NI contributions go up next month. Mine are up by 40 a month

Not me, I'm retired. And I'm getting some back now in free bus pass and winter fuel allowance :o)
Paul Hunt 2

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