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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ROVER 15

The latest issue of l'Automobile (which went to press before the Tata announcement),listed a
Rover 15 in their section on "cars to be launched in 2003"
Does this mean that MGR planned to launch this car irrespective of the outcome of the Tata deal ?,and if so, on which platform ?
andrew K

It seems most likely that the Tata-based car will be badged as the Rover 15.
Ann MG Writer

Actually 'Rover 15' isn't registered at the Patent Office (those that are include Rover 25, 35, 45, 55, 75).
Ann MG Writer

But guess who owns 'Metro'?

Date Actioned Action/Event
22.11.2000 Trade Mark Assigned in Full

Full History Text:

Previous Details:

Proprietor: MG Rover Group Limited
International Headquarters,Warwick Technology Park,Warwick,
CV34 6RG

Residence Country: United Kingdom
ADP Number: 0668933001

Ann MG Writer

I don't know much about trademark law, but I believe model names must be trademarked in each country in which the model is sold. Chevrolet sells, or sold Metros (made in Korea?) in the States. This may be one reason that the same model is sold under different names in different countries.
George B.

Ref my original question,were MGR planning to launch this model even on their own?
If so, it would have been a phenomenally rapid realisation!

No, the only 'Rover 15' on the horizon is and in recent times only has been the Tata Indica based model.
Ann MG Writer

Hi "Ann"
Lots want to know if the little coupe/Drop top based on the floorpan is going to appear with a MG badge on it?
It looks like a mini that has eaten on garden shed!I wonder if it has ABS/airbags?

I wish it well, but i fear that MGR will try to charge too much for it. I wonder if they intend to make a van version out of it?

Its got to be cheap, VERY CHEAP indeed!

No Mega,it can't be too cheap if its not too tarnish the Rover image.
We first need to know in which segment it is to be located & who will be its main competitors.
Hopefully in the" very small" up against Twingo etc as the "small" has some very strong

Would love to see MGR back into this sector but fear that this attempt could go horribly wrong....Firstly because it's a fiercly competitive sector of the industry but most importantly I cant help but think they have chosen the wrong 'partner' for this sort of venture!

MGR have hardly put a foot wrong since they 'seperated' from BMW (apart from the odd clash with the ASA). Cant bear to see all the work go down the pan on some 'small car' idea.

Perhaps they should work with what they have for now and concentrate on building the business before taking such a risk!

If I was CEO I think I'd be more inclined to enter F1 motor racing than build a small car, the market is just too competitive with too many players. An MG F1 team sounds good though!
John Daisley

I was looking at a Tata 4X4 over the holidays and I have to say it looked well bolted together and the owner said he was very pleased with it - OK it could be smartened up a bit but then I think that is the MGR idea with the small car.

In the end I think it is a good idea on MGRs part providing they specify the car to the correct level - and whilst not as glamorous as an F1 team it isnt such a deep drain either.

Ted Newman

There is a description of the Indica factory & some pictures of the car on the site
"significant improvements on the previous model" they say!

Please can you point on direct links ?
Can't find what you reffer to.
Only this one i.e.

Thank you.
Dieter K.

MGR desperately need to produce a small car to replace the Metro/100 and if the TATA deal achieves that then it can only be a step forward. Naturally it is a competetive sector but so are all the others!


>> Naturally it is a competetive sector but so are all the others! <<

Exactly .... even the "niches" are over catered for now .....

My retired cousin replaced her Rover Metro recently with a small French car. After 20 plus years of Rover ownership, just like her father before her, she had no alternative and was upset that there was no longer a small Rover available to suit her needs. That's one lost sale from a loyal customer. I wonder how many other sales were lost the same way ......
John McFeely

Or can't reached ...

Me is still owning a 95 made Diesel Fiesta (Ford Fiasko) with now 150k km on the clock.
I'd change it to a MG-Rover branded similar cheapish small Diesel car if availiable in the end of 2003. Looked already at the Saxo as your relative did.
Dieter K.

There is a small picture of a "Rover 15"in the new issue of the French Auto Moto magazine -for launch
during 2003. Anyone have a web site picture reference yet ?

>>I wonder if they intend to make a van version out of it

Funny you should mention that Mega. A friend of mine who works on the R25/MGZR line at Longbridge reckons they will be making a van version of the R25 in January. Its based on the 3 door with the back window filled in. He reckons there will be a ZR version - I'm hoping he was winding me up.


A van version Paul?
How low down would the Rover image descend with that?!
(they had better just call it an Indicavan)

How about calling the car a Morris 15 ?
Would bring in the nostalgia of the past,like the TF is supposed to do.

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