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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - somebody buy this, dont let it go to the skip

I saw this on eBay
hate to see it going to waste when they arent making them anymore!

Jeez I was tempted to get it simply to fit a bloody great power bulge in it for the V8 or to paint it matt black ... I dunno


Buy it Neil - there is no reserve! I'd buy it - but no storage space for it at the moment :o(
Rob Bell

Its the right colour for me but I ain't going to jinx myself at the moment. The poor fellow also has it standing on paving, and the only thing I want to touch up for the forseable future is my wife.
Tim Hayton

Part exchange against your wife perhaps Tim?

Besides how would I get it home?


Thats a no go'er Tony. The magic that puts clean shirts on the back of the dining room chair and makes my dinners appear when I walk through the front door would be gone. Saying that its pretty difficult sliding down a snowy slope on the wife.

oohff!! I've got a pain in the back of my head.
Tim Hayton

This thread was discussed on 17/06/2005

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