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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - VXR 500 Monaro

Just read the FT article (Nov 4/5) on this available car- called a "bargain of the decade at 36,000"
Would not the ZT 260 better fit this designation
(in the absence of the planned ZT 385) ??
Don R

In a word, no.

VXR 500 is in a whole different league of performance!

OK Nick,but which is better value for money?

and an ecological disaster


No not really
I have a ZT260 myself it is a bit of a bargin but the VXR 500 is much more of a bargin
The VXR 500 has a bigger engine a 6 litre V8 with supercharger. Its a far more powerfull car with same amount of gagets so at 36,000 its a huge bargin a half price BMW M5 (with much better noise)

Have you seen the fit on the Holden /VXR ,very bad. ZT is better made car & out brakes & handles Monaro, & thats from Aussie drivers who are use to them, For price of ZT260s these days ,you can also order a supercharger from Dreadnought garage UK or Kenne-bell USA direct & have same HP & better car too with change.

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