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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZR Alarm system 'Coutermeasured'.

Listen up Gang, i just done my "tour" of the other MG BB web sites and guess what?
A number of ZR 25 have like gone walkies without their owners!!!!

A number of BRM's have gone as well! Now remember my post the other day about insurance comanys demanding "Tracker". Well now we know WHY.

Will try to get more info ASAP.

Just add an e-mail in from an EX ZR owner. It seems that while buying a set of alloys from a large breakers yard he came across 2 ZR's. BOTH had been NICKED/RECOVERD.

People.......We have a problem!!!!!!!!!

At least they were recovered. Most expensive cars that are stolen disappear forever despite VERY expensive in car tracking devices. Any cars can have this problem.

Anyone got a long fishing rod? Possession of such could be construed as going equipped with a Car Nicking device .... Going fishing ... a likely story .... you're nicked ... :o))
John McFeely

Many expensive cars are "nicked" off petrol stations whilst their owners are paying for the fuel ... they leave their ignition keys in the car ... along with the baby or kids sometimes ... DOH! Some insurance companies now specifically exclude this type of vehicle theft .... read your small print.

Any car is "nickable". Just needs a bit of planning. If the crooks have a friend of a friend who has access to the makers technology ........ what's an inside job Dad? ...nuff said.

John McFeely

The cars are used, raced, stripped, than dumped! There owners would not want them BACK. I feel you are missing the point, remember back in the 90,s when you could NOT get insurance for a HOt Hatch?

Well that's going to happen now only with the ZS/ZR. Other Hot Hatchs will be ok because system is not so easy to overcome!!!!
MG will lose sales!!!!!

Is the system in question MGR specific or is it sourced from a third party who supply other manufacturers.

If it is the latter, and in all probability it could be, it will not only be MGR that is affected.


Be VERY VERY careful in what you say on the public domain. The thieving scumbags are watching!
George Hunt

Scouse-Mega WROTE:

>>>Other Hot Hatchs will be ok because system is not so easy to overcome<<<

No! No they wont!! You fail to see MY point!! - ANY car is nickable.

George Hunt is right .... so diagrams will NOT be issued!!
John McFeely

Without any kind of evidence other than your "sources" all you are doing is spreading Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. How many have been nicked? Is it more than the number of Honda Type R's that have been stolen? Do you know? Have you seen the figures?

Others are right to say if you know how to defeat an alarm posting it on a public BBS does no one any favours, as it adds to your insurance policy when cars get stolen.

If you have a genuine concern, or are aware of a flaw in an MGR alarm system I suggest you write to the manufacturer outlining your concern. Stories with "I heard", "my source" and the like are pub talk. Yes, people on BBS's may have had their cars stolen.. why? do you really know?


Well said - I'm in total agreement (until proved otherwise).
Jerry Flint

Point taken Richard
I have been e-mailed with some details. I intend to try out tonight on a Rover 400. If it does work than we have a problem. That being do we show the world or say nothing? I know a couple of ZR pilots in my area, i can show them but what about other people?

Is the "Cat out of the bag" or will we just give people "Ideas". I honestly hate the idea of someone getting their ZR/ZS lifted, on the other hand what if somebody reads the post and passes on the info?

What if then somebody else than lifts an ZR because of the post and RTA's into another car. Possably killing somebody!!!!!!!!

Guidness PLEASE!!!

Easy....don't f**kin give any deatils. If you really do know a way of overcoming the security then keep it to yourself. Write a letter to RMG, I bet they already know.

Hi Guys
This is the lastest, there is a "method" that works with the early models, eg the 200/400. A number of 200 BRMs have gone. However the "method" does not work on the newwe 25/45.
Great, but just got an e-mail in with a "New" method.
Test and report soon


Your meddling is stupid and dangerous. May I remind you this is the public domain or are you really that stupi?
Rock & A Hardplace

Mega, et al the bypass method you allude to does not allow the car to be started - unless the thief has the keyfob transmitter / keycode. So the thief can get into the car but can anyway by smashing a window but can't take it.

I'm aware of a number of Z MG's that have been damaged but this is to get the Kenwood stereos (no idea why - they are crap and fiddly). I'm not aware of a significant number of TWOC's just theft's (and the associated damage) from inside.

So protect your keys in your house / office. I know of one car taken whilst an owner was putting the shopping away - keys were on hall table. Thief walked in, took keys and drove off. Take out ICE front panels and hide valuables and the thief, usually looking for stuff to turn into cash to feed a drug habit, will move on.

If a professional wants your car he'll be more prepared than using the method alluded to above. And little will stop them - hence the Tracker idea. All that means is the MG's are now in the desireable category - good for resales!

Chin, chin!

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