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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZS tyre costs 16' comparisons with17'

Anyone had to replace any of their original (OEM) tyres on their MG ZS yet? If so, be interested in any cost figures. I assume the 17" tyres will be more (considerably?) expensive than the 16" ones.

John McFeely

Yes John I had new tyres, I think I ended up paying 110 each for two fronts inc fitting, balance and VAT. I put on PZeros again.

Think there may be something in the archives already about it on this site, and its definately on X-power, if you care to do a search.


John , a friend of mine has just bought a ZR (105 base model) and due to rover being 'tight' not to mention there other traits .the car did not come with a spare/jack/wheel brace just a can of tyre foam.

We found a breakers that had just stripped a ZR WRIGHT OFF and they sold him the only surviving wheel and tyre for 100 (mint alloy + brand new tyre.)
If looking for a spare tyre for a 16/17" alloy as fitted to the Z's you might be able to locate one from a recent wright off at a near by breakers.

malcolm watson


Don't think it's a question of MG-R being 'tight'. More likely cut throat bottom line pricing tactics. I believe a 'spacesaver' spare wheel is available as an optional extra ... :-) Don't fancy one of those ... I ALWAYS keep an eye on the local breakers, and yes, there was a heavily side-swiped ZR there ..... "all parts available" sometime ago. Can't recall what wheels it had though. Breaker Zeds few and far between at the moment for obvious reasons and parts will not be cheap.

Looking at some new ZRs recently, both those with 16 and 17 inch alloys, I noticed that the front discs used are NOT ventilated but solid. No bad thing for a smaller car. Much less prone to warping and less rapid wear IMO and no noticeable reduction of performance in an ordinary road going car.

ZSs on the other hand, appear to have ventilated discs. But, let's face it, even those like the majority of production cars are after all ... ordinary. IMHO, rear discs are more for visual effect than marginal performance gains if any.


220 quid for a pair of tyres ... Good grief! I could buy a fleet of Montego turbos all with MoTs for that kind of money ..... LOL. ZS still top of the list for a replacement of the family runaround Monty though ... just a question of colour choice now. I like Trophy Blue, Son No. 1 likes Silver, Mrs. Mc likes the yellow (salesman said avoid because of resale values - but we tend to keep our cars for 10 years plus so residuals rarely apply) ... that solar red is nice too .... decisions .... :o)

Silver seems to be at least everybody's second choice so it looks like a silver five door with 17" alloys ....
John McFeely

John don't go with Silver they look like a R45 as the features of the car blend in too much, i.e. the grill mesh doesn't stand out, the MG's look much better in the bold colours.

I've been looking at the monograms and saffron is a different colour that stands out although its the extra bunce for the monogram thats the killer.

Out of the standard colours TB and LMG look the best IMO.

Personal chice at the end of the day you've got to live with it so what evver you choose in the end enjoy it :)

Yeah, I agree. If you're getting a ZS, go for a loud colour or it'll look like a 45.

I still think that only trophy blue or yellow fit the bill, and we just couldn't bring ourselves to go for the yellow!
David Bainbridge


I do think Malcolms correct about MGR cost cutting in only providing a can of tyre foam - which they charmingly call an "instant mobility system" - I'd like to see a can of foam give a tyre with a damaged side wall instant mobility.

A colleage recently took delivery of a new R75 Connoisseur. When he looked in the spare wheel well he found a can of foam instead of the spare. When he asked the supplying dealer where his spare was he was advised that a spare wheel is now an extra.
My identical spec. 1999 R75 has at least got a space saver spare, which will get you home if you have a damaged sidewall etc.

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