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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZS180 Horn


Just a quick question . I,ve just chopped my ZR160 in for a ZS180 and was woundering if any other zs180 owners could confirm whether the horn on the zs is of a different type than on the ZR.. Its just that the ZS horn sounds really weak compared to the ZR160 horn.



I've got a ZS 120, my wife has a ZR 105. The horns sound very similar (wouldn't be surprised to find it's the same part)


I have a ZS 120 and the horn is fecking loud. How I have laughed when it makes Sunday drivers jump out of their seats.

Mines pretty weak then... Is there a ZS 180 spec sheet that show the horn type ??Does anyone know



The horns have changed spec recently

I Dont know abput the sound but i can confirm the ZS180 gives me the Horn every time i get in it!
Good to see you have traded in the girly ZR and got a real mans motor!
A ZS180 Owner

The horns are 2 tone on each model and yes they are different. The ZR uses GGE 172 and GGE 149. The ZS uses GGE 168 and GGE 169.
Ian cresswell

Had it confirmed by the dealer that the horn is broken.. Unfortunately they have to take the bumper off to fix it.. 2 hour job darn.. Tried a zs at the dealers and the horn is very loud..

Cheers everyone for help..

Dealer showed me a memo from rover and they have changed the entire horn from May 2002 onwards.. Cost saving I think..

Damm good deal on the zs180 I got . admititely it was 2nd hand . but only 1600 to change. That included 7000 miles on the clock, various stereo and alarm upgrades, tax and tank of fuel.


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