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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZT 1.8 Turbo Engine Transplant

Does anyone have any experience of translanting the 1.8 turbo unit from an MG ZT into other cars?

I have a 2004 ZT that has suffered a very hard rear impact and thought I could possibly transplant the engine into my 1998 Rover Coupe VVC that refuses to pass an emissions test!

I think physically getting it out of the ZT and into the Coupe should be fairly straightforward but the electronics are a concern.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


John, I have thought about installing one of these engines into a ZS. Are the engine mountings the same as for a normal K series engine? The electrics would presumably be more straightforward but any advice welcomed.

Derek Porter


Engine mountings are not a problem. Did the ZS use the PG1 or the R65 gearbox like the K engined 400? If it uses the R65 I would guess the gearbox mounting may need changing. I would doubt the R65 box would last long given the 215nm of torque the K Turbo kicks out so you'd probably need to swap over to the PG1 box and convert the clutch on your car to cable as I'm fairly sure the R65 equipped cars are hydraulic.

To be honest though I haven't spent much time around the ZS so I am unsure on its exact layout. Certainly mounting the engine in the coupe, the 200/25 or ZR looks a straightforward task and it shouldn't be that much more difficult in the ZS/400/45!

Getting it running will be the major problem as the engine does not use the same security system. I think it uses a bmw derived system that is fairly heavily locked to the car. This is why the electrics worry me. Not sure how I would get the engine running once it is in. Hoping someone on here has done a similar conversion and can offer some advice.



ZS uses PG1. The ZT used the ZF gearbox...

If anyone happens to have a 'spare' clutch housing for a ZF gearbox to a K or KV6, could you let me know? I am after one for a project :o)
Rob Bell

That sound interesting Rob.

Have you found a RWD gear box that will fit to a K or KV6 via the ZF clutch housing by any chance?
David Witham

RWD certainly, but transverse mounted for an MGF; I am wondering about trying to make a Mini Cooper S 6-speed fit; it's a Getrag 285 (also fitted to the Ford Focus RS). The Getrag 287 was used on the ZT on all 5-speed manual applications - which means that there is a suitable Getrag adapter housing (ZF was a mistake - oops!)

So if anyone has one of these going spare, or propping up the lawn mower in their garage, I think that I might be able to make some use of it... :o)
Rob Bell

Rob, does this mean that you know Getrag use a standard bolt pattern across there boxes? Or does it mean you are trying to find out?
David Witham

Trying to find out - I predict this to be the case - but so far have had little luck finding out (the internet is full of useful stuff - but often not what you're looking for!!!)
Rob Bell

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