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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - zt new cost

Hi All, iam thinking about buying a new 75 zt 4 door 2 litre deisel and it is for sale @14k, of course the salesman thinks its a good deal but i carnt find anything to compare prices with! any info on price/links i could have a look at would be much appreciated
Thanks Tim

Depends what you are specifically looking for Tim. The 75 and ZT are two different cars.

14k for either is good if the spec is high and the mileage is less than 8k and one owner.

Tim Hayton

Thanks for that, the car is brand new unregisterd,(10miles on the clock) it is a 75 shape MG ZT I"m told it has a 3 series bmw 2 litre turbo diesel (135 bhp) it comes with a 2 year administraters warrenty and the price is 14k, so from what you are saying it sounds like a good deal!

thanks again Tim

Go in hard dude. Offer 12k cash!!! 14K is good though.

An 05 with average 10K mileage would be going for 12,600 to 13,200

Go for it and join the club.:-)

Tim Hayton

Looks like a bargain either way!


Neil are you joining the TWO-SIXTY'S?
Tim Hayton

This thread was discussed between 22/11/2005 and 28/11/2005

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