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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZT-T

I am thinking of getting an estate type car in the new year and the ZT-T looks good any comments from owners/drivers?

How rugged is it (or the 75 tourer) what sort of engine is available (BTW I shall be looking for a used car NOT new). It will have to cart around some fairly heavy gear and possibly have a trailer hitched up to it, what is the load space like? How usable is it.

Lot of questions but then it is a lot of car!

Ted Newman

Ted, have you spoken to Patrick about his? We have the saloon version, and it has been absolutely terrific. Love it. Will be buying another (probably the estate version), unless the new TCV / ZS replacement tempts my fancy... :o)
Rob Bell

>>>It will have to cart around some fairly heavy gear and possibly have a trailer hitched up to it
===Hey Ted, sounds like you are coming out to play on the track ?

I've just swapped out my early ZT-T190+ for a new one. The car completed 20,000 enjoyable miles, and the only problems experienced were early life oil consumption, and a minor coolant leak from a hose clip. I loved every minute of it, including a recent 3,000 mile trip to Italy and back via the Munich Oktoberfest. By the 20,000 mile mark the oil consumption was negligable, and the whole vehicle sweeter than when new.

As for loadlugging, you probably need to check that any bulky goods you intend to carry actually fit, as the load area isn't massive, and the rear seats don't fold completely flat. Weight isn't a problem! Mine has carried up to twelve 20kg bags of concrete, and three 25kg bags of coal at the same time. The only effect is a bit more wheelspin, and a tendency for the front ABS to mutter a bit. The car doesn't sit down much at the back as the springs rates are comparable with a pick up truck anyway!

For the same reasons as above, and the fact that the rear subframe is solid mounted on the ZT-T, they're pretty good towcars, although the rear overhang is fairly long.

If you buy a 75 Tourer instead, you need to make sure you get one with self levelling rear units, as the spring rates are much softer. You would also notice a small amount of rear end steer as well because the Rover has a rubber mounted rear subframe.

As for engines, it really depends what you want from the car. For the ZT-T, I reckon the 2.5 KV6 190+ is the only model to go for. On a Rover 75, then either the 2.5 KV6 177ps or the BMW sourced diesel seem best.

Anyway, from your past submissions to this board, it sounds as though I share the same ideal shopping list as yourself...

Current fleet:-
BMW R1100R Motorcycle
MG ZT-T 190+ in Copperleaf
MGF Freestyle in Tahiti (becoming TF135 Xpower grey shortly)

Isn't life wonderful!

It is amazing what or how different people make of the same statement!

No David, as much as I would like to, I am thinking more along the lines of buying a cottage and renovating it plus of course long trips to Munich to visit mum-in-law.

Ted Newman

Dave Worcestershire

Many thanks for that - very comprehensive report and nice to know the differences between the ZT-T and the 75 Tourer - that is what is wonderful about these boards friendly, helpful and above all rapid responses.

BMW K1200LT - staying for a while yet
MGF - I can see me reporting on its tenth birthday:-)
MGZT-T - a definite possibility
Ted Newman


Sorry I missed this thread while off the air!

We do indeed have 75 estate with the 2.5 engine and auto. It is a spectacularly good car. It is super refined on the road and will happily take corners are near the speed of the F (this was most definitely not true of the 200!). Fantastic for eating motorways! The fit and finish is like no other Rover / AMG(?) / BMC I have driven (or indeed Volvo, Vauxhall or Ford). The attention to details is extra-ordinary. I confess I think I now better understand why people like BMWs and hope that Rover can continue this attention to detail and refinement in any new cars they launch.

The load space is not the largest in the market as much space is lost with the sloping rear window and the substantial bracing around the back end. While we have no trouble fitting all the shopping for 3 families on a pre Christmas booze cruise, we have had some difficulty with larger pieces of furniture. The roof rails then come in useful but am not sure I would want to drive too far with a couch on the roof. The load space is also very smart with plush carpeting. I have had Cortina and Cavalier estates where I have not thought twice about chucking bags of cement etc in the back. In the 75 I always line the space first!

The suspension on the estate is markedly firmer than the saloon (but not as firm as the original ZTs). I do not think you need the self levelling suspension unless you intend to carry lots of very heavy loads and then not sure the 75 is the best choice. We tried the diesel and, for a diesel it is very refined. However the auto box does not improve the performance, though this might now be better with the upgrade available. I confess I am no fan of Dr Diesel's engine outside ships, trains and trucks. We went for the petrol on the basis that we were not buying a 75 to save money so might as well have a proper engine in it. For a man who is used to Jags, I suspect you will find the 2.5 quite frugal!

Getting a second hand Estate might be challenging as it has not been around that long (18 months?). My dealer also reckons he has not problem selling on diesels and the bigger petrol engines with auto especially in the Conn trim.

Hope this helps!


Patrick Beet


Thanks for your report - I am not sure yet what or when I will buy, a lot depends on what heppens over the next two to three months, and what pans out after that.

Ted Newman


I hope you get an obscenely large sum of money for your business and that you will be asking our advice on buying the new Bentley for the drive to you weekend house in Monaco!


Patrick Beet


More like seeking advice on what push bike for the ride to the alms houses!

Ted Newman

I have a 75 Tourer Connisuer( yes I know that's not spelt right) diesel with drivers information pack, which I bought new in July 2002. I have not bothered getting it chipped cos I'm part exing it mid nov for a ZT diesel. They have offered me 16K for it and it's currently got the grand total of 6,700 miles on it. I'm sure they'll sell it for more so if you decide on a 75 Tourer there's one going up here.


Just a more distant over view comment in that I have driven quite a number of saloons and tourers and I generally find the tourer body to be more rigid and with better road manners than the saloon. Note also that some ZT-Ts will be in bright colours such as Trophy Yellow and as such have not sold and will probably be more open to a negotiated price should you be able to stand the eye assault every day.

Other than this the V6 2.5 is ghead and shoulders above the other engines except in fuel economy terms, but even then it is far from thirsty when comnpared to other simialr sized cars with similar engines.

Roger Parker

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