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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZT-T tyres

I think this subject may have come up recently but I need some more views before shelling out some cash.

My ZT-T 190+ has done 19k and needs some new boots.

As often pointed out the 225/45 R18s as originally fitted (Michelin) are... pricey - 140 for Continentals.

Some people have suggested 245/40 R18 - much wider variety - Falkens for example at about 105.

Has anyone tried anything other than the factory fit size and what's the verdict?


I'm running Maxxis 245/40 18 at 330 for 4 tyres, fitted and balanced, on my ZT 160 V6. I don't expect miracles from budget tyres, but being as this is my 4th set (69K miles now) I could no longer justify/afford the Michelin/Conti factory fits that were around 600 plus.

On the 245, the advantage is better rim protection from the slightly bigger rim bead. A MG R development engineer on another forum gave a very detailed reasoning why the 225/45 Contis were best and, of course, the suspension has been tuned around the 225/45.

Like I say, I don't expect any gains from the 245/40, but the cost was not to be overlooked, even if they only last 75% of the distance the Michelins lasted (20-25k miles).
Martin Williamson

was there even wear on the front set? My ZR has been set to negative cam for steering grip, ad as a result the inside rims wear down from "too much" straight line driving. One very helpful tyre place suggested, for next time, an asymmetrical tyre that had more rubber on the inside half and more tread pattern on the outer half.

Even wear... on a ZT-T? Nope - I think it's a known problem on quite a number where the nearside front wheres on the outer edge more than anywhere else.

IIRC, there have been numerous posts about ZTs having their tracking checked out because of the car pulling to the nearside.

My father's 75 Tourer is exactly the same.

I have just replaced four tyres on my ZT160 1.8T at 68000km. (42500 miles) My tyres have lasted this long because I do a lot of motorway driving and also rotate front to back. I could probably have done a few thousand more, but I don't like running down to the legal limit. I was also horrified at the price of tyres, having looked at Michelin, Conti and Pirelli, but then I found Toyo Proxes CT01 225/45/18W at just over half the price of the Michelins. I did a bit of research on the net, and could find no negative reports, so I thought it was worth a try for that kind of saving. I am delighted - the tyres are much quieter than the Contis that were on the car since new, and the dry handling seems much better, although I haven't really pushed it. It is our dry season here, so it will be a while before I get to try them in the wet. Incidentally all my tyres have worn down evenly, I've only had the alignment checked once, and it was found to be spot on. There is a slight tendency yo pull to the left, but I put that down to the camber of the road.
Mister T

I found Avon ZZ3 tyres @91 fitted - anyone tried these?

try 245 40 R18s
as fitted to the prototype ZT 385s

I have them on my ZT260


I thought about 245/40s but, from another forum, someone who worked on the cars suggested it wasn't a good way to go.

I quite fancy the Avons and, for what I believe to be quite a good tyre, it looks like a very good price.


Yes I've got these tyres, much better than the originals -

they look good!

how much Gary?

from the invoice - 84.89 each before VAT, and then you have to add tubeless valves, wheel balance, casing disposal and possibly a wheel alignment.

Mine were for the 17" wheels on the fronts. I think last time I was going to put the other Avon pattern on the rear, and that was the setup I was looking at for a front wheel drive car. I would possibly consider something different again for a rear wheel drive car likes yours Neil.

you can also search for tyres online -

also, my local Nationwide Auto Centre said they could help me pick a good tyre that would be just right for my car, and - they can get any tyre delivered to them in one hour.

I liked Yokohama for dramatic tyre tread and their grippy reputation, but I was advised the good grip goes hand in hand with a shorter tyre life.


some dramatic tyres -

The first design looks awesome!

bet they are big bucks though in 245/40R18 profile!

Neil - you need two sets. One cheapo economy set for your average rainy day when no one's looking, and then your premier all dancing ones just for the ladies.

Hmmm interesting

I have 2 sets for the F
one set for rainy days
and one lot for track days ( baldies)

52 plate ZT-T 190. Having baulked at the price of the Michelin OEs when it came to first replacement set, I tried the Conti Sport Contact (fitment designed for BMW M3) which I thought were better than the Michelins and alot cheaper. I now have a set of Pirelli PZero Rossos, which are OK, but track badly over road markings and surface imperfections. I have tried various different pressures, and waiting for a response from Pirelli as to their recommended pressure, but running at the book 2.2 Bar which seems best so far.

Considered budget replacements, but suspect that the sum of wear/grip/ride/noise wouldn't add up to a saving in the end. Unless anyone has any other ideas (Avons?), will be going back to Contis next time round!

If I can get the Avons for the originally advertised price of 91 ea fitted I'll be giving them a try.

Well after many problems (the company couldn't fulfil on the Avons at the price quoted) I went with the Contis and so far, after nearly 1000 miles they seem pretty good. And if I'm not mistaken, they're not unidirectional like the Michelins making it easier to switch them around to balance the wear.

Oh... and I squeezed the price to 125 ea fitted. :-)

Toyos are a brilliant choice!
Org Fan

why do people steer (pun!) away from budget tyres? In the past in the days of remoulds etc cheepo and budget tyres were a nightmare - not anymore. Ok, with Contis you get a good tyre, but boy do you pay for it - mileage rates on these expensive tyres are not that good. Today it resembles paying for a designer label. If you don't believe me look at the ratings for wear and braking and wet and dry testing on some of the expensive tyres - many hardly better a budget tyre. In a recent tyre test Vredestein came out top, above the likes of the 'designer' tyres. Toyo Proxes are good as are Barum (budget Conti). I have tried several on my cars and some even live up to their name, take Star Performer, bet many of you have never heard of them. Made in W Europe I had one set on my quick classic MG and they did 30k miles and wear was perfectly even on each tyre, handling was superb. All weather performance was exc. And I even had people at meets asking 'what tyre is that?' cos they look so good! Not available widely though - see

I generally go on published handling tests.
It's a gross over simplification, but it seems that you do get what you pay for. i.e. Bridgestone S03s / Conto Sports etc. do deliver.

nb. You must shop round. There is so much variety in price out there. Often double prices!! Helps that I'm close to Micheldevor tyres too. :-)

Paul Nothard

What tyres are you fitting to your ZTT Paul?
Rob Bell

Fitted. :-)
Replaced back in January just before I did my Alpine adventure in deep snow.

Possibly surprisingly I've gone with the standard 225/45 ContiSports again.

I looked about a lot at other sizes, but decided (possibly because of posts to other BBSs as refered to above) that I'd stick with the 225s.
Lots of looking about and a long chat with some of the guys at Micheldever convinced me to go for the Contis.

I can't really comment on how good/bad they are compared to others as I've not tried any others - yet.
They seem to be wearing well and provide good wet and dry traction.

Would I buy them again... yes.

Why? What you going for Rob?

Paul Nothard

PS. Really good calculator to help peeps looking at different sizes:
Paul Nothard

I'm not sure Paul. I'd probably go the default 'same again' approach, but if another tyre were to prove as good or better for less, then obviously the decision becomes a no-brainer... Do Goodyear do an F1 in the correct size I wonder?
Rob Bell

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