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MG MGA - A cool mechanics chair

Have a look at this youtube video of a brilliant chair/creeper for the busy mechanic.
Cam Cunningham

Steve Gyles

looks blo-dy dangerous to me

William Revit
dominic clancy

But a four inch creeper is only just going to get under an MGA, even without the added passenger.

dominic clancy

Perhaps that is why the picture it being used to service a truck - you think? Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

Just have to breathe in a bit Dominic - of course I would have mine up on ramps!
Cam Cunningham

Just too many functions . To me it looks dangerous to a car and to the occupant....loads of dents in the side ( especially doors ) and similar affects on the bod..
Neil Ferguson

Where's the stubby holder?
(that's a small bottle of beer in case you don't know)
Don TF 4887
D J Walker

From the video and the acrobatics and limbo dancing involved I would suggest it is best to get pi...d before sitting in the magic chair..
Neil Ferguson

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