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MG MGA - Alternative to 'Gyles airflow stub stacks'

For those who do not have a lathe nor skill to make a set of stubstacks there is an alternative. The K&N tapered filter housings used with H4 SUs have a built-in radius in the casting that attaches to the carburettor - while it does need a little fettling to make joint perfectly smooth. Downside is they do not have an offtake for crankcase ventilation air. In my case I have an 1800 engine with PCV valve so not needed. Acouple of photos follow.

Mike Ellsmore

Looking into the carby

Mike Ellsmore

another view

Mike Ellsmore

Mike. Looks interesting. I am surprised that the vent hole appears rough round the edge. You could do well to remove the burrs.

Steve Gyles

Yeah Steve after seeing your polishing job I am going to clean up the dags around the vent holes and smooth out the joint between the carby and the housing. Finish on the housing is like a two pack epoxy or powder coat finish.
Mike Ellsmore

I bought (Moss US) a pair of those for a customer MGB a couple of years ago. The backplate was a stamped piece of poorly chrome plated sheetmetal, the post for the top retainer was held to the backplate with a very large headed screw. That ran into the vac chamber, so they supplied a 1/4" thick cork gasket to make clearance. The backplate fastened to the carb with bolts from inside the filter, so if they came loose it was goodbye engine, but you couldn't tighten them against the thick gasket, and a car that came in with them had sucked the gaskets into the bore.
I wound up making 3/16 aluminum spacer plates to be used with two normal gaskets to replace the thick gasket. Would have made the flow fixers for the inside but the guy was too cheap and didn't care. Sold several sets of the spacers though.

FR Millmore

These must be from a different supplier as they are die cast epoxy coated quality made unit. Came via MG Workshops in Melbourne, Victoria.
Mike Ellsmore

They look like the ones designed and sold by Hi Flow in Melbourne (Hans Pedersen). He makes great gear, including supercharger kits for A & B series engines. I had a pair on my TwinC until I changed to webers - not enough room to put his weber filters with them. I'll get him to do an airbox one day!
A Buick

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