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MG MGA - Caliper mounting

Are there lock washers on the caliper mounting bolts? Moss cat diag says Y, S/F cat says No. Logic tells me Y!
Art Pearse

Well, logic would tell me that it is safer to add them than not....You don't want those suckers coming off...
I'm pretty sure that my car has them.
Edward Wesson 52TD

If you are concerned about these bolts, lock tabs are one option., but a more modern alternative is to use thread lock instead.
dominic clancy

It doesn't mention tab lock washers in the WM but it does stress the bolts be torqued to 50 lb.ft.

I've got an old Delphi-Lockheed sheet of 'General Guidance Instructions for fitting caliper pistons and seals and there is also no mention of lock washers for the caliper bolts.

The SPL shows the usual half spring washer..........................Mike
m.j. moore

I would not use Loctite on a disc brake caliper.
The best high temperature Loctite I can find is type 272.
It is only suitable to 450 degrees F (232 C).
this is insufficient for disc brake calipers and exhaust systems.
It must be remembered that Loctite is heated to remove.

See image.


M F Anderson

Just to clarify, I'm talking about the bolts that hold the calipers to the mounting plate, not those that hold the two halves together.
Art Pearse

Hi Art, My Mk 2 had three eared locktab washers on the Lockheed calipers, one long and three shorter tabs.The long one folds down against the side of the caliper body, the shorter two fold up against two sides of the caliper bolt..I made two new ones in stainless.If you have The MGA Technical manual by Todd Clarke, there is a clear drawing on page 27, his part No is CSR M126.
Steve A.
S Ash

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