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MG MGA - Cam timing

I know there are loads of threads about this subject, but I was unable to find anything about how to test the valve timing figures in the manual.
Are the opening and closing degrees measured at 0.05" lobe lift or
should the lift be measured directly on the end of the valve with normal tappet clearance?
L. Christiansen

Crane Cams has an 8-page instruction sheet for the process; See here:
Barney Gaylord

You set #1 inlet to .060 clearance, at least for the standard MGA cam
Art Pearse

Thanks for your answers.

It seems that opening and closing degrees on my cam shaft are pretty much the same as in the attaced cam chart which I found on an other board, but peek lifts are a little off: intake maks. lift @ 111 deg. ATDC and exhaust @ 105,5 deg. BTDC.
Does that mean that the cam is retarded app. 3 deg.?

L. Christiansen

Face value - Yes
But it will depend on the shape of the lobe as well
Most cams like to run a few degrees advanced anyway
If it were mine I would move it forward the 3deg and probably 2-3 more while you're at it
William Revit

After plowing thru tons of threads on different boards,
I have come to the same conclusion so I'm aiming for a
3deg advance and will see how it goes.

Thans for your comments.
L. Christiansen

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