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MG MGA - carburetor damper

Hi all
My actual dampers are ACU8114 (short piston) with a ventilation hole in the hex brass cap. Carburetors are internally ventilated though, therefore I need a damper that is not vented, i.e. no hole in the damper cap. However it seems impossible to find this combination on the market. Were non-vented ACU8114 ever available? Can anybody help?
A.M. Kunz

Andre, You can easily block the existing holes by soldering them. Five minute job.

F. Camilleri

I bought unvented brass caps from Burlens in the UK. I actually needed the vent hole so I had to drill them out.

Steve Gyles

Frank: I also thougt of that but didn't want to mess around the originals.
Steve: Did you get the older version of piston or the improved one (shorter piston)? See image.

A.M. Kunz


I transferred what I had to the new cap (see photo).


Steve Gyles


Hi all
Here I have the answer to my question:

"Dear Sir
Thank you for your enquiry.
The AUC 8114 vented damper has an identical damper but non vented (dust proof part number AUC 8115.
I hope this helps.
Peter Corbin
Customer Services Advisor
Burlen Fuel Systems Limited - The SU and AMAL Carburetter Companies"

This helps for sure!


A.M. Kunz

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